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How to Get Your Creative Photography Juices Flowing

Feeling uninspired behind the lens? Or maybe you’re just stuck in a rut shooting the same subjects the same way every day. We have some tips to help you discover and harness some new techniques to spark your creativity.

Try a different point of view
Bird’s eye views and worm’s eye views are a creative way to show something from a completely different perspective.  If you take a shot of a parking lot or playground from the top floor of a building, you’ll capture something quite different than if you photographed the same thing at street level.  Putting your camera at ground level and pointing it up towards a subject can put a creative spin on something as simple as a tree.


Get up close and personal
Reveal interesting details in your subject by using the macro setting on your Nikon D850 DSLR Camera from This type of close-up photography can reveal hidden textures and patterns in everyday objects. This allows you to get creative with the simplest of subjects like insects, flowers, and drops of water.

Lose the color
Many cameras like the Sony a7R IV Alpha Full Frame Mirrorless Camera have settings that allow you to create monochrome, or black and white, images. By eliminating color from your photos you showcase the light, shadows, shapes and textures of the image. Replace black with another single color like brown or blue, and add another dimension to monochrome as well.

Spray bottle
A simple tool that you would never think to use for photography is a spray bottle of water. But spraying some water on your lens and adjusting your aperture to create bigger bokeh will create a unique look to your photos.

Shoot through objects
Here is a technique that really requires you to think outside the box. Shooting through objects can give you a variety of unique compositions, flares, and perspectives. The whole idea is to have an out of focus foreground and be able to shoot through it, but at the same time keep the subject sharp. This effect is best achieved by placing the object close to the lens or by resting it against the lens. Placing the foreground object further away from the actual subject and closer to the front of your lens, makes it easier to blur.

Whip pan
This is a type of panoramic shot. The camera pans so quickly that the picture blurs into indistinct streaks. Having a perfect lens with inbuilt IS, image stabilization will make a straighter line going through the image. Just set the shutter speed to 0.5-1 seconds. Than loosen the tripod head, press the shutter button.  Rapidly pan in a single direction. Use rear curtain synchronization to freeze the subject. That is where you pop the flash at the end of exposure by setting the EX strobe into 2nd curtain mode, which is designated by a little triple arrow icon on your camera.


Always remember creative photography is photographing something in a way that most people would not normally see. You can learn how to look at normal, everyday objects in more creative ways with practice.  Once you find a subject to shoot, try some of these methods.
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