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How to Get the Most Out of Your New DSLR Camera

How to Get the Most Out of Your New DSLR Camera

Maybe you were lucky enough to receive a new DSLR camera from as a gift over the holidays. But now that the wrapping paper is off, you might be wondering where to start. Although getting a DSLR won’t instantly turn you into a professional photographer, there are ways to maximize its use so that you can take better pictures with it. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your new camera, especially if you’re new to DSLRs. Read the Manual Read the user’s manual that comes with your camera upon purchase. Out of sheer excitement, new DSLR owners usually skip this part of the package and shoot with their camera right away, not realizing the wealth of information contained in it. From the manual, you’ll learn what each button on your device is for so that you can maximize all its features. Reading the manual will really help your confidence and flexibility when using your new camera. Knowing what each feature or button does can get you out of a jam when you need it. And the chances are your new DSLR does a lot more than you thought it could. Learn About the Exposure Triangle The most important controls are those that affect the shutter speed, ISO rating, and aperture. The three key elements of a camera that we have control over and allow us to vary the amount of light that we capture. Changing each one has a different impact on the way a shot looks, but overall they control the same thing: how dark or bright the image is. Start to experiment with your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and don’t be afraid to get it wrong. After all, digital “film” is free! Take it with You The best camera is always the one we have on us. So if you’ve just gotten a new Nikon, Canon, or Sony DSLR camera from, get into the habit of taking it with you wherever you’re headed, and get some practice using it. If it is always with you, you’ll never have an excuse not to take it out and use it. Leave your camera by your keys, near your jacket, or next to your shoes so you remember to take it with you when you leave the house. Just having it with you will increase the frequency in which you use it! Even going from zero to one photo a day is better than nothing! The more you experiment, the faster you’ll learn, and always remember practice makes perfect. The main thing is to enjoy your new camera. Get a feel of it in your hands and master the controls. Soon, you’ll get more comfortable with your camera and more confident about your photography skills.  
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