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Going on Vacation? There’s an App for That!

Going on Vacation? There’s an App for That!

Whether you’re flying 500 miles away for a family beach vacation, driving 2,000 miles on a cross country trek, or flying halfway around the world for that trip of a lifetime, being able to find gas, check the map for your location, and find a nice place to eat or sleep are all crucial to a worry free journey.  The following are the most useful travel apps to have on your phone or tablet when traveling and has several Smartphones and tablets to take on your trip. product-image

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Apps to Organize and Assist

Tripit- Tripit is like carrying around your travel agent in your pocket!  It gathers all of your travel information from flight and hotel confirmations, to rental cars and event bookings and converts it into an itinerary.  You can even share the plans with others when planning group or family trips. App in the Air- Having the best coverage of airlines and airports, this flight-tracking app will keep you updated on your flight status even without internet coverage.  It integrates with Tripit so you can import your flights as well. PHONE Splittr- When traveling with a group and sharing costs, this app will act as your travelling accountant.  You simply enter expenses as you go including who paid what, and the app does the rest for you.  All currencies are supported and can be mixed without you having to do any conversions.

Learn the Lingo

Google Translate- A useful tool for quickly translating everyday words you come across while traveling.  You can simply hold up your phone camera to the sign or menu, and the app will translate it instantly. Bravolol- Touted as a modern day Rosetta Stone, this app features a basic phrasebook in over 13 languages, pronounces phrases and offers phonetic spelling.  Once it is downloaded, you can use it without internet connection. Currency Exchange  XE Currency- The app is able to convert every world currency, and is perfect for those off grid locations because it can function without internet connection by saving the last updated rates.  This app is a must-have for international travelers.

Food and Entertainment

Along the Way- The app to help you find anything you’re looking for as you go.  If you’re looking for food, bars, coffee, shopping, parks or just about anything else while driving, this app is the way to search for anything while traveling the road! Time Out- An app covering everything from bars, restaurants, attractions and events in cities from around the world. You can find the most popular events occurring around you, book concert tickets and make dinner reservations. Urbanspoon- This app has the ability to show you restaurants nearby based on your cravings no matter where you are. iExit- With iExit you’ll see exactly what is waiting at the next exits along your route.

Where in the World?

MapsBuddy-This app makes searching on Google Maps easy. It provides shortcuts for finding gas stations, restaurants, and everything you’ll need on your road trip. CityMaps2Go-This app has over 7,000 maps and guides to destinations around the world that can be uploaded to use without internet connections.  It also comes with articles and suggestions for your destinations.  

Other Helpful Apps for Your Travels

Snapchat- This app makes it easy to share quick photos and videos of your travels with friends and family.  You can save snaps to upload later if internet isn’t available   BringFido- An app for people traveling with their furry family members.  You can locate pet-friendly hotels and find pet-friendly parks as well.   Wolfram Sun Exposure- This app helps to keep you safe in the sun by calculating how long you can safely stay in the sun based on the strength of the sun, time of day and your skin type. The Weather Channel- The channel where you get your updated forecast is available on an app.  This app will provide you with weather conditions for your exact locations, along with radar maps and extended forecasts. GasBuddy- The app that will find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Before you hit the road or board your plane, download some or all of these useful apps to your new smartphone or tablet purchased from to ensure a stress-free trip.
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