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Great Easter Photography Ideas to Try

Great Easter Photography Ideas to Try

Spring is in the air, and Easter is just around the corner. This can only mean one thing; amazing photography opportunities. Easter traditions, family dinners and pastel colors create amazing photo opportunities. Here are some great Easter photography ideas to try for some creative photoshoots when the bunny arrives.

Coloring the Eggs
Capture every step of the egg dying process. These Easter photos turn out the best when taken as candid photos. Once the eggs are all colored and decorated, take some Easter photos of the eggs themselves. Place them in baskets, on the lawn, in flower pots, or on decorative plates. You can even use them as props for some of your more formal Easter portraits later in the day.

Capture the Hunt
No Easter celebration would be complete without the annual Easter egg hunt! Set your camera to burst mode or sport mode to capture the kids running around the yard searching for those colorful treasures. Break out your drone from to follow the fun and capture some aerial shots of all the action. After the eggs have all been found, take Easter photos of the kids holding their baskets full of eggs. Make sure you capture images of the kids looking at the eggs instead of looking at the camera.

Easter Bonnet
After a year of living in ultra casualwear, Easter Sunday may be the first opportunity this year to get some photos of everyone all dressed up! Have your point and shoot camera from ready to go on Easter Sunday to capture those Easter hats and frilly dresses. You might not see everyone this dressed up again until Thanksgiving dinner!

Bunny Ears
There’s nothing cuter around Easter than kids, infants through teenagers, wearing a pair of bunny ears. Make sure you capture some of these images in your Easter photography. Shoot individual Easter photos of the dog wearing bunny ears. Then attach a Tamron Lens to your camera and include Fido when you take Easter photos with the whole family wearing their bunny ears!


Spring Flowers
One of the great things about shooting Easter photos is the natural backgrounds available. The endless fields of green grass, colorful flowers and trees in bloom make for the perfect backdrops for your Easter photography. With the variety of Tamron camera lenses available at a savings of up to $200 right now, there’s no limit to how creative you can be with these spring backgrounds.

Use these great Easter photography ideas to create Easter memories that will last a lifetime.
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