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Great Spring Photography Tips

Great Spring Photography Tips

It's finally here — springtime! This time of year often marks transition, and has us reaching for our cameras. With warmer and longer days ahead, we've pulled together some of our favorite photo tips to help you capture the changing season. So, dust off your rain boots and grab your camera, because these tips will have you photographing spring in no time. Pay Attention to Your White Balance When trying to capture great colors, make sure you adjust the white balance on your Canon EOS Rebel T6 so what you see on your screen matches what you see with your eye! Trying to match a lighter color closely is a great way to gauge the accuracy of your adjustments. Adjust to the Outdoors After the long months indoors, when finally heading outside for some spring photography, make sure you take a few minutes to adjust the settings on your Sony Cyber-Shot from to account for the change in lighting. Use a Polarizing Filter Trade in your old DSLR or lens and get up to $500 trade-in bonus. Then use a polarizing filter to capture all the great colors for those springtime landscape shots! Bright Sun If you’re lucky enough to be in a sunny place for spring break, then you have a great opportunity to take some photos outdoors or on the beach. Just remember to use fill flash. The bright sun creates harsh shadows, especially if someone is wearing a hat or sunglasses. But forcing your flash to go off even in the bright sun will illuminate those shadowy areas. More than Flowers! Springtime is a great time to take photos of the new flowers coming out, but don’t forget that there’s a whole wide world out there! Look for budding trees, dogs playing outside, and people enjoying the first bits of real warmth for other spring themed shots. Lose the Horizon If you have found a field of flowers ready for shooting, try eliminating the horizon for a slightly unrealistic effect. Play with Shadows Spring is all about the transition between winter and summer. As the days get longer, notice the change not only in light, but also in shadows. Depending on where you are in the world, shadows will take their longest form in the early morning or just before sunset. Use this time as an opportunity to play with photographing shadows created by different subjects. Try a Long Exposure Are you looking to try something new with your outdoor photos this spring? Try a drag landscape. Pan the New Nikon Z Series Camera that earned you a trade in bonus from upwards during a long exposure and it will give you a totally new effect! Embrace the Rain Rain showers are an inevitable part of springtime. Embrace it and photograph it. With rain comes another change of light and scenery. Stand by for a foggy morning or capture the rain in action and see how it changes the entire perspective of your photo. And there you have it. Some spring photography tips to get you started! Happy shooting!
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