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Guide to Couple Poses

Guide to Couple Poses

With everyone sharing snapshots of their lives online these days, photoshoots with couple poses are more popular than ever. For couples young and old, photoshoots offer the chance to express their individuality and share their stories with the people they love. Regardless of the stage of life you and your sweetheart are in, make sure you’re capturing these memories. We’ve taken the hard part “figuring out how to pose for pictures” out of the equation with these couple photoshoot ideas!

Walking Toward the Camera
A couple photography pose that involves moving in a natural way is always a good place to start. Take the first few shots from a bit of a distance and then walk towards the camera you’ve set on a tripod from You can be holding hands, gazing at each other, or looking ahead together.

Walking Away
You can also take shots walking away from the camera. You can either take the photo cropped in closely on your heads or upper bodies, or do more of a wide shot. What works best will depend on your photoshoot location, too. If you’re shooting on a beach or in a beautiful park, capturing surroundings might add a lot of romance to your image. Shooting from a closer range or zoomed in can make for a more intimate couple photo. Play around with this, and you’re sure to end up with some awesome results.

couple poses

There’s a lot of variation with sitting couple shoot poses. One of you can rest your head on the other’s shoulder, or you can be gazing into the camera or at each other. The great news is that sitting couple photography poses make you feel a bit less self-aware of your bodies or what you’re doing with your hands. You’re likely to get some beautiful, authentic moments with these couple photography poses.

Couple poses


While it’s true that we all make some silly and unflattering faces when we’re captured mid-conversation, just chatting with each other can result in some really special pictures that you’re sure to love. You’re bound to get some fun couple photos that don’t look posed at all! A great portrait camera from will also help you here, since your images will look as gorgeous as possible even before you start editing.

Some of the best couple photography poses involve creating some intimacy. Embracing will help you feel like you’re in this together. You can take quite a few shots in this cute couple picture pose. Whether you’re smiling, sharing a kiss, or just looking at peace with your eyes closed, hugging couple poses are tried and true for a reason.

Adding some close-ups of little details will give you a little welcome break from having to strike all those couple picture poses.  Shots of your intertwined hands or your feet dangling over the pier at the lake is a nice thing to work into your fun couple photos.

Lying Down
Some of the best couple picture ideas involve the two of you lying down. The nicest results usually come from shooting overhead. You can be looking at the camera or at each other, and you can be lying side by side or even in opposite directions with your faces next to each other. Outdoors or at home, these images can turn out to be really fun couple photos.

Couple poses

If you have a hobby that you love engaging in together, what better way to celebrate your love than by capturing that on film? Maybe it’s a sport, cooking together, or hiking. Whatever it is, try working it into your couple photoshoot ideas.

Sharing meals together is a bonding experience in all relationships. You can try working this into your couple photography poses. You can shoot at home or even create an outdoor picnic. This is an easy way to get some seriously cute couple picture ideas out of the set-up.

Want some fun couple photos? Break out a few dance moves! You might feel silly doing this, but the movement can result in really beautiful images. Basic things like a spin can look dynamic and fun on camera. Capturing the candid moments between these cute couple photography poses with your handheld Gimbal is the key to a super successful couple photoshoot, so just keep snapping away! Get inspired with all these cute couple picture ideas and have fun snapping pics with your significant other!

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