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5 Tips for Fun, Festive, and Frustration-Free Halloween Photography

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that everyone is trying to out-spook everyone else in coming up with the greatest yard decorations, pranks in the garage, and set-up for trick-or-treaters. It also means that just about every child is eagerly anticipating getting to put on a costume and go out after dark in search of candy and more. Halloween is a very special time for kids and it's also a great time for photography. Follow our tips below to ensure that your Halloween photography leaves you with precious memories instead of pesky annoyances! 1) Don't delay the trick-or-treating -- Kids get excited about getting in their costumes and getting out there to get as much candy as they can carry. So, try to take the photos of them in their costumes a day or two before Halloween. Otherwise, they're going to be rebellious and impatient if you wait until the day itself. 2) Let the kids set the pose -- Your kids will have definite ideas about what they should be doing to show off the full effect of their costume. Let them decide on the general poses they want to do and (if you have more than one child), let them argue it out and just help them to compromise for multiple scene set-ups. Suggest changes and explain them but, overall, let your kids participate in the set-up as much as you can. 3) Tone the lights down -- This is especially true for costumes that have plastic masks. The plastic can reflect the light badly, washing out the entire photo. Use linens and other light-colored but semi-transparent fabrics to soften the light from lamps. Make tin-foil light bouncers to help redirect other lighting sources. 4) Be ready to get in the frame yourself -- This means have a tripod and a means of checking and remotely taking the photo. Your kids may want you to be involved in whatever scene they're creating. As advised in #2, let them set the stage and go along with it, within reason. 5) Show the triumphant trick-or-treaters -- On Halloween itself, once your children are back from making their rounds, talk them into taking a few photos showing off the candy and other goodies they've gotten. These will be some of the best "taken on the day of" Halloween photos you can get since the kids will be happy. Again, let them set up the poses a bit and then have fun! Halloween is a great kid's holiday -- growing up, it was easily my favorite holiday. Don't make getting photos of your kids in costume a hassle this Halloween. Take some of our advice and make great memories instead of grumpy ones. Also, share your photos with us and let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions in the comments below! -- da Bird
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