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Hot Tips for Improving Your Summer Photography

Hot Tips for Improving Your Summer Photography

Summer’s here! And with it comes nicer weather and days spent outdoors. There are plenty of great opportunities to get out and capture exciting new images. Now’s a great time to improve your photography skills or master a new technique. Grab your camera and start snapping! Here are some fun summertime photography ideas that you’ll want to add to your must-capture list this summer. Have Fun with a Polarizer If a polarizer filter isn’t yet part of your everyday photography kit, it should be! A polarizer can help to render the blue summer skies a deeper, more vibrant shade. It can also help to draw the clouds out; defining them and separating them from the blue background. Polarizers are also useful for cutting down on reflections on the surface of the water. Capture Golden Hour Shots Photography in the midday sun is one sure way to have your images washed out and devoid of interesting colors. There’s a period of time one hour after the sun rises and one hour before the sun sets called the “Golden Hour”. It’s generally the best time to do your summer photoshoot or take your summer family photos as the sun is low in the sky and the light is soft which helps to produce warm vivid colors. Use Flare Flare is when a light source, like the sun, is shining directly through the lens. This light then creates a light pattern that can add greater depth to summer family photos and give a greater sense of the summer conditions you find yourself in. Try a New Lens Summer is a great time to try out some new gear. The weather’s great and longer days mean more usable hours in the day. Whether you’d like to try your hand with a wide-angle, or experiment with street photography using a prime lens, now is the time to do it. Capture Bubbles Photographing bubbles? Why not! These little orbs make ideal macro images. Or, if you’d like to capture some portraits or summer family photos, bubbles can help to add something special to your summer photoshoot; especially if young children are involved! Photograph Raindrops After the rain, head out with your Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III from The water droplets that can be found on leaves and flower petals after a summer storm make great features for your macro images. Sometimes you’ll even find reflections inside of these minuscule droplets! Get into Portraiture If you’re not currently doing portraits, summer’s a great time to get started. There are so many different opportunities for creative portraits and summer family photos during the summertime, especially if children are involved! Capture your young subjects splashing in a pond or playing with a tent, or with some of their favorite outdoor toys. The opportunities are limitless for a summer photoshoot with your new Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III from! Get Some Long Exposures Long exposures are fun images to capture, with water being the most popular subject. Photograph a waterfall, river, or the ocean with a slow shutter speed. Gently blur the motion of the clouds or even a field of wheat rippling in the wind. Capture a Summer Storm Summer brings its own set of storms presenting some great opportunities for unique photos. If you enjoy capturing storms, consider investing in a light-sensitive trigger. It’s the easiest way to capture these shots since lightning is unpredictable. Create Silhouettes Having an abundance of summer light around will enable you to look for interesting shapes and figures to use as silhouettes. Almost any subject can be turned into a silhouette but some silhouettes will be stronger than others. Friends and family make great subjects, get them to participate in an activity rather than just stand there during summer family photos this year! Head to the beach, go camping, or visit a carnival or busy pier. Look for opportunities for unique summertime images; and have fun creating photos that are different from anything that you’d capture any other time of the year.
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