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How Can I Improve my Underwater Photography?

How Can I Improve my Underwater Photography?

Are you wanting to branch out with your photography skills and try something new this summer? Maybe it’s time to dip your toe into underwater photos. Taking underwater photos can be both fun and incredibly rewarding. Here are some tips and ideas to help you dive in and get started taking your own incredible underwater photos!

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Underwater Ocean Photography
You’ve packed up your snorkel and your new Kodak PIXPRO Waterproof Digital Camera from You’re headed to the beach and ready to hop into the surf to start taking some awesome underwater ocean photography. Don’t dive into your underwater ocean photography without keeping a few things in mind. Check that both the weather and water conditions are good before heading out for your underwater ocean photography shoot. Shoot your underwater ocean photography under full sunlight for vibrant, blue results. Wait for low wind conditions and calm seas for the best underwater ocean photography to minimize the sand on the ocean floor stirring up during your shots.

Underwater Wedding Photos
What better way to take the plunge than to literally take it with underwater wedding photos! You will be able to capture brides and grooms floating underwater after saying, “I do” for some truly magical underwater wedding photos. Take a dip into a pool, or a tropical reef if it is a destination wedding, and capture shots of the the bride’s flowing wedding dress and of course the fairytale kiss.


Underwater Portrait
If you’re looking for the shot that no one else has taken, you need to consider taking it from a viewpoint rarely considered. Step out of your comfort zone and take your first underwater photo! This does not mean you have to enroll in scuba lessons, or invest in expensive camera gear. Taking your first underwater photo is not about deep sea diving! You can take amazing underwater portraits in the shallow part of a lake or your backyard pool. All you really need to get started with your underwater portrait is a camera for underwater photography and a body of water. You may find that a clear, freshwater lake will give you the clearest underwater portrait photos. The next best option is to take your underwater portrait photos in clear saltwater or a saltwater pool. The key to staying submerged during your underwater portrait shoot is not to hold your breathe. Instead, you need to let your air out while shooting your underwater portrait to make you less buoyant.

underwater photography

Now you’re ready to grab your waterproof camera and dive in for some amazing underwater photos this summer!
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