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How do I Become a Good Photographer?

How do I Become a Good Photographer?

Photography is an art in itself, and not something that you learn overnight, but with these simple tricks, you’ll become a better photographer whether you just bought a DSLR, you’ve already been photographing for a while and want to step up your game as a photographer, or your goal is to become a professional photographer.


How to Take Better Photos
How do you become a good photographer? How do you begin your path to becoming a professional photographer? It’s simple! You follow the guidelines below for learning how to take better photos!

1. Look at the Light
It’s no secret that photography and lighting go hand in hand. To get those images that you want, you’ll need to look at the light and see how the light alters the exposure and creates different feelings. This is an art in itself, and also not something you’ll learn overnight. But it’s something that you must have in mind every time you shoot. Looking at the light and trying to see different relationships and how to work with light when shooting is a characteristic of a good photographer.

  1. Learn to Use Aperture and Shutter Speed
    Aperture and shutter speed are two of your best tools and necessary things to learn if you want to learn how to be a good photographer. These are two of your most valuable tools as a photographer, and it’s important to understand how they work together. Learning how to use these early on will save you both time and provide better image results instantly.

  2. Use Different Composition Techniques
    Composition is one of the qualities of a good photographer that often separates an amazing photographer from an everyday photographer. It’s surprising how you can change an entire image simply by changing how it’s composed and organized. As for image composition, there are a couple of proven techniques that will enhance your images immediately if they’re used properly.
  • Rule of Thirds- Divide an image into nine equal squares. This can be done automatically on most cameras like the Nikon D850 from Then place your subject where the lines meet.
  • Leading lines- This means taking the lines in images that lead the eye into the picture.
  • Similar patterns and symmetrical shapes and lines- With this type of composition, the picture will have more harmony while offering much to look at without getting messy.
  • Framing the subject- This is a useful technique that can create beautiful pictures. Natural frames are everywhere, like tree branches or window frames.
  • Cropping- Another method is to crop the image to create a more interesting composition.

Using Leading Lines

  1. Change Your Position
    To constantly photograph from the same angle and position will quickly become boring. Change your position towards the subject. Bend down, move to the side, squat, lie down, and so on. For example, when taking pictures of animals or children, shoot at eye level. This often creates a more vivid and compelling picture.

  2. Use Manual Mode
    The day you turn that camera dial to manual mode is the same day you take a big step towards becoming a professional photographer. The automatic mode is ideal for people who want to take nice, simple pictures. But if you want to learn how to take better photos, you need to step away from automatic mode. The same applies to A, P and S mode. For each thing your Nikon Z8 from takes care of for you, the less you’ll learn. You have surely not spent thousands of dollars on lenses and a camera to let it decide how your photos turn out?
 Carry your camera with you everywhere you go, practice these 5 tips, and you’ll learn how to take better photos. You’ll not only become a good photographer, but you’ll make an amazing photographer!
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