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How do you get cute couple pictures?

How do you get cute couple pictures?

Every loving couple needs gorgeous pictures together.  These close to the heart photos are often considered as some of the most important, so we like to hang them on our walls, display them on our desks, and even keep them on our nightstands next to us while we sleep.  Nowadays we set our favorite photos as the background on our computers, phones, and often will post them social media for our friends to share in our joy too.  It’s fair to say that pictures together with your one and only are vital and healthy for any relationship.

Couple Picture Ideas

You don’t need complicated planning or overly elaborate ideas to get cute couple photos.  You only need each other and a way to take some photos together.  Amazing couple photographing opportunities can present themselves at any given time whether you are planning a couple photoshoot, hanging out at home, or out and about doing any type of activity.  Here are some great ways to identify when it’s time to take some photos.  Remember that it is common for one or both people in a relationship to love to take photographs, so suggesting taking some pictures together can bring you joy from having awesome pictures to hold on to and win you lots of brownie points!

  • When your partner looks dazzling and feels incredible – Can be in any setting, look out for your partner flattering themselves, then you will know it’s a good time to suggest taking pictures together
  • When your environment is as beautiful as your partner
  • After a visit to the hair salon
  • At an event or during an activity – From activities such as ice skating, to fine dining, to shopping
  • Suggest taking portraits for special occasions

You can see, you don’t need a special reason to take pictures together with your love.  Only that you want to create memories to cherish, and couples’ photos are a great way to do that.

couple photos

What’s the best cameras to use and for what occasion?

Professional Style

For planned professional photography, you don’t need to do anything but dress for the photoshoot.  However, with the advancements in modern photography equipment, quality cameras and photography gear are more affordable than ever.  Most people nowadays own a professional camera making it easier and fun to conduct your own photoshoot.  If you don’t own a proper camera, you will not be able to get the popular couples’ portrait that sparkles with passion and elegance.

For couple portrait photography, you will need a good camera like the Nikon Z 30 which has good lighting and exposure features, fantastic focusing abilities, and a lens that can give you 85mm focal lengths.  Ideally, you can use a prime 85mm telephoto lens, but you can get the job done with other zoom lenses that can also be used for a variety of photography styles.

The Nikon Z 30 is mirrorless, which means the electronic viewfinder will let you check the frame to ensure perfection before you take the shot.  It’s also a vari-angle screen so you can turn it to face you, even if you’re part of the shot.  Additionally, you can shoot in full RAW mode, which will allow you flexibility and more options when editing your photos to give them that professional finish.

A mirrorless camera is a must have for any household, couple, or family.  These cameras produce the best pictures, are easy to operate, and with the powerful automatic focusing, lighting and exposure features, you can capture professional looking photographs at any skill level.  You can also shoot incredible video with the Nikon Z 30 as you would with most mirrorless cameras.  Even though it’s not an couples’ picture, shooting a video together is also fun and will bring you both joy and memories.

You should consider using a mirrorless camera when you want to take a more professional style couples’ photo, when you are both dressed up for a function, or because you want to have nicer photos to keep and have for display in a more prime location.

Fun Photoshoot
For a more fun photoshoot, think of taking the “photobooth” with you wherever you go with this cool and amazing Fujifilm Instax camera.  These little fun cameras are like the old school polaroid cameras some may remember from a couple decades ago because they will instantly print out your photos for you.  It is perfect to bring with you anywhere and you will get instant gratification just as you would in a photobooth.  The pictures produced by the Fujifilm Instax are perfect to keep in your wallet, stick on your refrigerator, bedroom mirror, or picture frame.  They have tremendous value at such a low price that they can maybe be considered a toy.  They are so cute and fun to use.  Because they’re so effortless and enjoyable, they can add a lot to any fun activity.

Anytime, Anywhere
When you are hanging out with your partner, you never know when a cute picture will present itself.  That’s why its important to always be ready.  Nowadays, with the cameras and lenses companies are adding to their smart phones, you can produce sharp, bright, and beautiful pictures at any time, in any place.  Shooting on a smart phone can be a little challenging because they’re so small.  Using a smartphone stabilizer will stop camera shake, and keep your phone facing you as you move.  It’s the best way to take selfies and you will have a hard time discerning that the photo was taken on a cell phone.

Posing and Lighting

Cute photos will come naturally to loving couples, so you won’t have to pretend or try hard thinking of how to pose when it’s time for a couples’ photoshoot.   For a more intimate shot, get in close to capture your embrace with your partner and take some shots getting lost looking into each other in the eyes and at the camera.  Don’t be afraid of experimenting with artistic framework and environmental aesthetics which can add a lot of beauty to the frame.  Explore different poses turning, tilting, leaning, and sitting.  Do something with your arms, never keep your limbs straight for a photo as you will appear stiff.  Intimate photos demonstrating love through hugs and kisses can also create a heartwarming finished product.  Being creative by starting with more playful poses, from horsing around to acting silly will also loosen the mood, give you fun pictures, and prime yourselves for a good time.

Whether your indoors or outdoors, you’re going to need proper lighting.  If you’re using a mirrorless camera, you will have much more ability to manipulate the light exposure in your camera to enhance your photo through under or overexposing the lens and adjusting other features like ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds.  Regardless of what camera you intend to use, you want to take advantage of any lighting conditions around you to highlight the cuteness of your photo.  Here’s some tips.

  • Avoid direct sunlight to the face and eyes as will cause squinting and sharp contrasting shadows
  • Utilize neutral-colored backgrounds and scenery which will add more focus on the details of the subjects
  • Be in the moment, get lost in each other and you will produce natural smiles and poses
  • For low light or overly lit settings using a cell phone, tap the screen to focus in a contrasting area of light to obtain a more balanced image (this may take a few attempts until its perfect

It's a good strategy to just photograph your partner for a few shots to get comfortable and then join in.  Most important thing is to love each other and have fun!

couple photos
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