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How Do You Take Good Pictures of Flowers?

How Do You Take Good Pictures of Flowers?

With the arrival of spring comes the colorful assortment of new blooms popping up in backyards, city parks, fields and greenhouses everywhere. It’s time to grab your camera and zoom lenses so you can showcase the natural beauty flowers offer. Just like other types of photography, taking good pictures of flowers requires certain techniques so you can capture the best images possible. It’s All About Perspective Instead of just shooting these floral beauties at eye level, try getting a little more creative by changing up your perspective. This will take getting up high or down low and shooting at different angles. Shooting straight down at the flower with your camera lens from gives a creative spin versus the usual side image. Fill the entire frame with the flower from the tip of each petal. Get down in the soil and shoot from the same height as the flowers. Lying down under the flowers and shooting directly upwards will put a real twist on your creativity. Just experiment with different angles until you find the shot you are after. Single Out the Flower Don’t let that perfect flower get lost in a cluttered background. Accentuate the beauty of your spring flower photography by allowing the flower to remain the predominant focus. Remove any unwanted distractions from the background by only focusing your camera in on the subject of the photo. You may even have to shift positions to avoid bright spots from becoming uncomplimentary background clutter as well. The Big Picture You can choose more than one flower to be the center of your spring photography. Sometimes you want to capture an entire garden or field of flowers. There are also times when the image will be even more perfect if you include more than just the flowers. If you come across a grouping of yellow daffodils on a creek bank, go ahead and include some of the water in the image as well. Don’t get so caught up in the details of only the flowers that you forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Use your Tamron All-In-One Lens from to capture some of the other things surrounding the flowers to help to tell a story. Get Up Close There’s no denying the beauty an endless field of tulips encompasses. However, each individual flower has intricate details that also need to be captured in photos. Use a macro lens to get high quality images of the smallest details from the tips of the stamen, the specks of pollen, to the drops of dew on the petals. Increase the aperture to around f/11 to f/22 to increase your depth of field to help get the flower in focus when shooting this close. Be sure to mount your camera and lens on a tripod to avoid blurry images caused by camera shake. These tips will provide a great starting point to inspire you to take good pictures of flowers this spring.  
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