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How Should a Family Prepare for a Photoshoot?

How Should a Family Prepare for a Photoshoot?

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s that time of year once again. Time to gather everyone together for that once a year family photoshoot. Getting the kids gathered, coordinating times and outfits, and getting everyone to the location on time can be hectic. Here are some tips to eliminate some of that stress, and help you prepare for your holiday family photoshoot.

What to Wear?
First of all, you want everyone to be comfortable in what they’re wearing. If anyone is lacking confidence because they don’t feel like themselves in their outfit, it will most definitely show in the photos. Avoid the overly matchy-matchy outfits when choosing what to wear for the family photoshoot. Make it all about coordinating instead. Go with a palette of colors that will show up nicely when shared on social media via your laptop from Soft colors work well for a family photoshoot. For fall, a combination of warm tones like blush, burnt orange, and mustard or brown, orange, burgundy are good choices. If you want colorful images, choose a more vivid color scheme.


Kid-Friendly Photoshoot
Family photoshoots tend to be time consuming. Getting your kids to behave during what seems like forever for a 5-year old can be a challenge. Try to keep this time in front of the lens fun. If your child gets a little rambunctious and misbehaves, it’s best not to reprimand harshly during the photoshoot. This could end up bringing on the tears, ending the photoshoot. Instead, try to entertain with games, silly faces and even tickle sessions to bring on the smiles. If all else fails, you may have to pay up with some incentives like the promise of ice cream or a trip to the zoo after the photoshoot. Just remember, these family photoshoot images will be priceless memories you will cherish forever. Well worth the cost of a pizza or trip to the candy store afterwards!
Family Pet
Your pet is more than just an animal. It is a member of the family as well. If you plan to include your pet in your family photoshoot, there are a few things you need to do beforehand. Remember to bring treats and the pet’s favorite toys to get them to cooperate. Try not to force your pet to act a certain way. Spontaneous shots of the pets playing with kids may turn out better than the posed ones of everyone standing around. You may need to set your shutter speed between 1/200th and 1/500th of a second on your digital camera from in case the pet moves. Have a friend on hand to remove the pet from the photoshoot when you are finished with the pet shots. You don’t want to have to worry about Fido or Whiskers during the rest of the family photoshoot.

Use these tips to help make your family photoshoot go off without a hitch!
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