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How to Be the Best Photographer

How to Be the Best Photographer

Are you among the growing number of photographers who have decided to do more with photography? Here are some simple, yet powerful, tips to get you on your way to taking better shots! Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll soon be taking the best photography possible.


Focus on the learning first
You need to read, study great photographers and experiment with various techniques that professional photographers talk about. One of the keys to better composition is to avoid putting the primary focus of your picture in the center. On most digital cameras, like the Nikon Z5 from, you’ll find 2 parallel horizontal lines and 2 vertical parallel lines. They divide the picture into 9 segments. When you focus your camera on the primary image, don’t put it in the center. Move it into one of the other segments. This simple technique will let you frame more intriguing images to improve photography.

Shoot during the Golden Hour
Professional photographers claim that many of their best photography scenes, from urban to rural, beaches to deserts, are taken shortly after dawn and just before sunset. The lighting is the key in this good photography. At these times, streams of light do amazing things to buildings, fields, trees, waterscapes, and mountains. Catch those streams with the amazing hues of the sky in the background to get impressive pictures even with simple composition.


Take an art class
Whether its drawing, watercolors, or oils, you need to learn perspective, shading, and contrasts to improve photography. Also, actually put yourself into a still life, a landscape, or a city street. Through such a class, you’ll come to understand the importance of composition and that will transfer over to your photography. Your technique can be great, but it’s the composition that makes certain pictures magnetizing!

Study the work of other photographers
Don’t limit yourself to one venue of photography, but instead make it a goal to “spend time” with a variety of artists. Look for those who photograph only in black and white, who shoot only urban life or pastoral scenes, those who are war photographers and those who shoot single, simple images. You can learn from them all. What are the messages in their shots? What technique is used? What makes their work so alluring?

Move your own positions as you shoot
To help improve photography, don’t photograph everything at eye level. Bend to the side, get on a step stool, and lie down on the ground. These are especially great techniques when capturing people or pets from various angles. If you have a dog, and that dog is on your couch, don’t shoot down at it – get below your pet and shoot upwards. A Christmas tree, shot from the floor up, looks way more amazing!

Experiment with new techniques
You’ve probably seen hundreds of photographs that are deliberately blurry or that blur out backgrounds or foregrounds. It’s called bokeh and it’s a highly effective style when you want to focus on a single image. If you’re shooting a bride and groom outside by a tree, you want to focus on them and the tree. The rest of the landscape should be blurred. If you want to shoot the Eiffel Tower from a distance, you’ll want to blur out the foreground, so that your subject becomes the focal point.

Put together the right set of cameras, lenses and photography equipment Make sure that you buy the right set of equipment based on the type of photography you are focusing on. For the best photography, buy a good DSLR camera to get started with. You don't need the highest model to get going. Some photographers feel using an SLR camera is a more authentic way of learning good photography. Pick your lenses from carefully so that they can serve you in most of your working situations. Also, make sure that you invest in the right hardware and software for post-production. A proper color-calibrated monitor and the right editing software should be must-haves to help you create your best photography.


Continuously strive to do great work that would make you stand out. That's the sure-fire way to help you improve photography.
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