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Beach Breeze: Enjoy Free 2-Day Delivery on Most Items! (Excludes HI, AK, and PR; 2 business days)
Incorporating Props into Your Spring Photo Shoots

Incorporating Props into Your Spring Photo Shoots

Are you getting spring family pictures taken this year? Or do you like snapping your own Easter pics of your kids? Either way, with the warm weather and beautiful colors, spring is the perfect time of year to take pictures! And props are a fun way to add personality and color to your photos. Here are some props that are perfect for springtime photos.

Rain Boots
Don’t let the rain keep you indoors. Put some rain boots on the kids and snap some pictures of them splashing in the puddles with your Sony Mirrorless Camera from

Bright, fun umbrellas or parasols are a great way to add a pop of color to your spring photos.

Spring Photo

Bubbles are great for getting genuine smiles out of the kids and adding a fun element to photos.

Balloons are another great option for adding pops of color.

Add movement and playfulness to pictures with an old wood swing, a tire swing, or a park swing.

Spring is the perfect season for adding colorful flowers to your photos. There are so many options too! Use some to create a crown of flowers to add a touch of fun or romance to your photo shoot. Let the kids pick some dandelions and capture the seeds blowing in the wind.

Spring photo

While the kids are already dressed up this Easter, why not snap a couple of cute pictures? Or plan a whole themed photo shoot with these prop ideas for Easter pictures.

Chocolate Bunny
Before they completely devour their Easter basket goodies, grab your camera from and snap a couple of cute pictures to capture these memories you’re making.

Easter Eggs
Plastic Easter eggs are perfect for adding color and interest to your photos! For some candid shots, capture the fun off your kids decorating the eggs the night before. And of course, nothing beats the pics of the little ones in the heat of the actual egg hunt!

Spring Photo

Easter Basket
After the annual Easter egg hunt, see if you can get the kids to pose for a couple of pictures with their loot.

Easter Hats
Easter hats are perfect for a dress-up or tea party photo shoot this spring.

Use carrots to add a pop of orange to your shots.

Bunny Ears
Bunny ear headbands couldn’t be more perfect for Easter pictures.  Besides, everyone needs at least one picture of their baby in bunny ears.

Of course, nothing beats an Easter picture with a real Easter bunny! If you can’t take pictures with a live bunny this Easter, just use a stuffed animal.

Chicks & Ducklings
Nothing screams “Spring!” quite like little baby chicks and ducklings.  Plus, the little yellow pops of color add so much to your images.

 You may have go to the local petting zoo for this photo op. But it would be fun to get a picture with a lamb this spring.

Bird’s Nest
With or without the chick inside, nests make a fun and unique Easter photo prop. Whether you’re looking for ideas for spring family pictures or just want to snap some fun pics of the kids this Easter, you’re sure to find unique ways to incorporate props into your shots!

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