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Introducing Alpha 7R V

Introducing Alpha 7R V

Sony 7R V

Sony introduced their latest full frame mirrorless camera, the Alpha 7R V, and it is fantastic.  This new camera is an addition to Sony’s flagship Alpha series which boats some of the most sophisticated professional cameras available today.  The new Alpha 7R V comes with many new enhancements, powerups, and design features that combines the ability to produce the best quality still images and video, while offering convenience in operations, usability, and reliability.  With a release date slated for some time in early December, the Alpha 7R V has been receiving a lot of PR as photography and videography enthusiasts await the arrival of what will be considered one of the best cameras money can buy.  Plus, with holiday season around the corner, the Alpha 7R V can be the ultimate gift for photographers.

The Alpha 7R V is a first of its kind within the iconic Alpha series cameras.  Featuring the highest resolution image sensor from any Alpha series camera and a new artificial intelligence processing unit dedicated to AI-based image recognition, the 7R V is fast and powerful with features that match the quality of the brilliant stills and video this camera can produce.  In fact, the Alpha 7R V gives you up to 8 times more processing power thanks to the BOINZ XR image processing engine.  This means more options when shooting photography, videography, and while editing during postproduction. 

Everything about Sony’s Alpha 7R V is like a dream for photographers.  This camera produces seriously awesome images offering a stunning 61.0 megapixel still images and refined 8K movie recording.  Not only that, the 7R V has the best stabilization system out of any Alpha series camera with 8 step stabilization.  The 7R V feels great in your hands and if you often shoot at difficult angles and positions, you will love the 4 axis multi vari-angle LCD monitor display that extends from the body of the camera, tilts, twists, and turns in literally every direction.  Between the amazing imaging quality, high speed synchronization functions, usability, reliability and workflow integrations, the Sony Alpha 7R V will be beloved by anyone who loves photography, whether from passion or profession.

Resolution for Images & Video

Sony’s Alpha series mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses are considered amongst the finest when it comes to resolution quality.  With the new Alpha 7R V, Sony outperforms on expectations with the integration of the BIONZ XR image processing engine, allowing for better detail in every pixel, creating stunningly sharp and vivid photography and videography. 

Designed for detail and speed with quiet operation, the 7R V uses the BIONZ XR image processing engine to maximize the full power of its 35mm full frame back illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor, to produce incredible 61.0 effective megapixels.  The BIONZ XR also allows for maximum resolution even in low light sensitivity environments.  Packed with power, the 7R V can shoot ISO settings from ISO 100 to ISO 32000 when shooting either photography or videography and wide dynamic range with 15 stops for photos.

In addition to the superb capabilities for still images, the 7R V delivers breathtaking immersive video recording.  The 7R V video records at 8K 24/25p video and 4K oversampled from 6.2K without binning.  For flexibility when working postproduction, there is a high efficiency MPEG-H HEVC/H.265 codec, all intra recording, and 10-bit 4:2:2.  Video features in the 7R V include evolved subject recognition for real time tracking, breathing compensation, and enables the use of the cameras metadata for post processing and advanced image stabilization.  Thanks to the In Body Active Mode image stabilization, you will get smoother imaging when shooting while on the move or being active.  You can also layer on additional stabilization using one of Sony’s E-mount lenses with built in stabilization.


Sony pumped the Alpha 7R V with a complete revamp of their already superb IBIS system, making it even better.  Updated with new advanced gyro sensors and optimized image stabilization algorithms for both images and video, the 7R V will give you the most from its sensors 61.0-megapixel resolution with precision and control down to a single pixel.  This is only achievable due to the new 8 step compensation effect and new stabilization algorithm. 

In addition to component enhancements, the 7R V also offers upgraded stabilization features such as Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. This lets you capture multiple pixel shifted images to be composited postproduction resulting in extremely sharp and detailed resolutions in a single image.

Enhanced AF (Auto Focus)

The 7R V has an enhanced autofocusing system that is better than ever.  Utilizing the artificial intelligence processing unit and deep learning, this next generation can AF in real time with improved tracking and recognition and offers a much broader subject recognition range.  By taking detailed information, the advanced AI processing can estimate human form and poses, taking recognition accuracy past the boundaries and limitations you would get with most AF systems found in other cameras.  The 7R V also has expanded the real time recognition AF function to include animals, vehicles, and even small creatures like insects. 

Postproduction Enhancements

With the latest version of Imaging Edge Desktop version 3.5 computer application, the 7R V allows you to take small pixel level movements in your photos and it will automatically detect and correct it for optimized composition.  This happens with slight shifts in your subjects’ positions or in environments that the scenery can change fast, such as a windy day when trees are blowing rapidly.  The Alpha 7R V using the Imaging Edge Desktop takes 16 image composites with about 240.8 million pixels (or 19,008 x 12,672 pixels) which can be produced from data that is equal to roughly 963.2 million pixels.  The Alpha 7R V also supports control for precision external flash for added versatility.  When shooting in rapidly changing light or challenging environments, the Alpha 7R V successfully restrains flickering from artificial lights from distorting stills and video recording.

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • Addition of Lossless RAW image compression and selectable RAW image sizes and quality
  • Greatly expanded focus and exposure bracketing
  • Creative Look settings for photography and videography
  • High quality HEIF images with compression efficiency
  • Wide brightness range for large screen viewing
  • Tenacious real time tracking
  • Faster and more precise wide area, high density auto focus system
  • Silent, vibration free shooting up to 7 fps
  • Continuous shooting up to 10 fps/ with Auto Focus / Auto Exposure tracking
  • Continuously shoot up to 583 compressed RAW images at high speed

Sony also included in the Alpha 7R V focus features that support high resolution full time DMF (direct manual focus), and focus bracketing, which are a must for applying focus stacked images.

Design & Connectivity

The Alpha 7R V has everything a photographer would want from a camera.  With a sleek compact and lightweight design that feels good your hands and power to match your vision, this camera is perfect. Showcasing a new beautiful 9.44 million dot electric viewfinder and a new 4 axis multi vari-angle MCD monitor, you have the benefit of moving the screen in every direction, even extending the screen to its entirety away from the camera body, which also helps with heat dissipation.  This means you won’t have to stretch your body in unnatural angles to achieve your perfect shot.

Speaking of overheating, the 7R V has improved heat dissipation for extended video shoots, keeping your camera cool and preventing it from overheating.  The 7R V has an improved dust and moisture resistant design with a magnesium alloy chassis and other materiel enhancements which will confidently handle any type of photoshoot in any type of environments, including harsh heat and cold.

The 7R V has 2 CFexpress Type A/SDXC compatible media slots and a new system with touch control and tons of customizable functions, you can optimize workflows with high-speed data transfers over Wi-Fi (802.11ac)2x2 MIMO or a wired superspeed 10 Gbps USB-C connection.  The Alpha 7R V has remote shooting with photo and video file transferring.  New USB streaming features support UVC/UAC, which allows for direct streaming from your camera, even in 4K (QFHD) resolution with audio.

Sony 7RV


There are reasons that people from all corners of the photography world are anticipating the release of the 7R V with excitement.  This is a fantastic camera loaded with all the bells and whistles while pushing on the boundaries of optical technology.  The imaging quality and versatility of the 7R V is attractive and with the Multi Vari-Angle LCD monitor, you would have enough reasons to buy this camera.  The camera is the perfect size too, which makes it convenient to carry and work with.  Judging from the components, features, abilities, and durability with a price that starts under $4,000, the Alpha 7R V will be considered a value when compared to similar quality mirrorless cameras which tend to have a much steeper price range.  The Sony Alpha 7R V beats the competition on quality, features, hardware, and price.

Sony also has a focus on sustainability using only the best eco-friendly materials while not giving an inch on performance and reliability.
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