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Introducing DJI RS 4 Series

Introducing DJI RS 4 Series

DJI which is a leading manufacturer of FPV drones like the DJI mini 4 Pro, and pro gimbal stabilizers like the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 and the Insta360, has released an upgraded version of the DJI RS 3 the DJI RS 4 Pro. This new DJI 3-axis stabilizer comes with an extended battery for tremendous battery life and runtime, plus there are two motors powering the new DJI RS 4 Pro. The new DJI Focus Pro, is full of features and specs that make this especially helpful if you are already in the DJI control ecosystem using the DJI transmission.

When filmmaking and shooting a full video, having an all in one gimbal control stabilizer like found on the DJI RS 4, gives you the ability to shoot clear, sharp and vibrant videos and sill photos. This is a great improvement over handheld shooting, which can often times cause unwanted shake and blur in your exposure. This will give you smoother balancing of your camera during photography sessions.

Let’s explore some of the more detailed features of this gimbal stabilizer and show how this amazing gadget uses the RS stabilization algorithm, amongst other great features which showcase the functionality of this stabilizer. Some of these features are exactly what cinematographers want out of this tremendous camera mount. You can also feel free to attach a mirrorless DSLR camera from manufacturers like Sony this mount, offering a pro combo that will get you those high quality shots you desire.

Features you will Love

As we previously discussed the DJI RS 4 Pro offers upgrades to the previous generation DJI RS 3 Pro and provides a cinematic experience to all who view your video recordings and still photos. What are some of the other amazing specs and features that are built into the DJI RS Pro series?

  1. The DJI RS 4 Pro comes with a newly designed gimbal horizontal plate, which eliminates the requirement for additional accessories. Cinematographers will love this feature as it allows the user to switch to vertical shooting with ease.

  2. Besides for added comfort the RS BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip adds to the battery life of this stabilizer which can give you approximately 29 hours of extended runtime. It also fully charges in approximately 1.5 hours for the basic battery. We do recommend purchasing a spare battery or a portable power bank which will allow for longer shooting sessions while on the go and not near a charging receptacle. Landscape photographers will definitely appreciate this.

  3. The autofocus system on the DJI RS 4 Pro gives cinematographers the ability to compose more accurate, distant, and intelligent focus pro LiDAR like the one found on the DJI Ronin. Autofocus is a great way for beginners to have the camera automatically adjust the settings based off the shooting environment. For additional control and functionality, we recommend shooting in manual mode. That way, you can set things like the focus length, aperture, ISO and white balance settings to meet the needs of your photography scene.

  4. The all new upgraded ActiveTrack Pro can firmly lock on to a moving subject, so you can accurately capture fast moving action shots. Your kids will love this feature if you are perhaps using the DJI RS 4 Pro to video your child’s sports game. You don’t want to miss out on some great memories of games played that your child can look back on with pride. If you like to shoot cityscapes and fast paced moving objects on the streets like automobiles, motorcycles and more, or perhaps you are at an event which requires those action shots, the ActiveTrack will get your subject focused in properly which will result in gorgeous exposures.

  5. Get precision focus and zoom at the same time when you install the dual Focus Pro Motors. When you pair these with the Focus Pro Hand Unit the Remote Monitor you get upgraded next generation remote gimbal and focus control. Using the DJI focus pro motor will get you enhanced focusing and zooming control when shooting still images or video recordings.

  6. With the LiDAR and DJI video transmitter, attach it to the DJI transmitter cable and you can get LiDAR or (Light Detection and Ranging) waveform meaning you will get more light energy getting to the image sensor. The LiDAR focusing also allows you to get a great view on over 76,800 ranging points and a great subject focusing distance of up to 20 meters.

  7. There is an increase in the payload capacity on the DJI RS 4 Pro. This gives the user the ability for the gimbal stabilizer to carry up to 10 pounds, which also comes with improved motor torque by approximately 20 percent over the previous generation model, which provides greater power redundancy. Use the remote control for added functionality.

  8. The designed carbon fiber axis arms can accommodate a wide variety of mirrorless cinema DSLR cameras and lens control setups.

  9. The second generation native vertical shooting capability of the DJI RS 4 Pro, so feel free to alter your shooting angle with ease. The extended tilt axis of the DJI RS 4 Pro gives you tremendous functionality and allows you to find the angle and height for the perfect shot.

  10. The gimbal’s horizontal plate which is also a quick release plate, allows for simplistic back and forth between horizontal and vertical shooting. There is no need for additional accessories to achieve this. This will allow the automated axis locks on the DJI RS 4 Pro makes DJI RS 4 Pro so versatile, as you don’t have to worry about camera shake and blur. This also allows for the camera to be quickly removed and placed back into the stabilizer if you want to switch back and forth between horizontal shooting and vertical shooting.

  11. The axis arm is made with a Teflon coating and carbon fiber for comfortable usage. The combo of this comfortable axis arm plus the configurations which allow for a variety of cameras to mount, make this a go to gimbal stabilizer. This will also make balancing the gimbal that much easier with less effort needed adjust the angle or tilt of the DJI RS 4 Pro.

  12. With the included Bluetooth, you can pair your camera to the stabilizer and control the camera shutter directly from the Gimbal axis base. So you can wirelessly control the functions of the stabilizer and camera or attach your device via the USB-C port on the stabilizer for a wired connection.

  13. There is an 1.8” OLED touchscreen for added functionality on the DJI RS 4 Pro, and it also allows for you the camera operator to focus on multiple points of your exposure of fixated on your subject without distraction. Use the DJI Ronin app to pair with your smartphone in the Force Mobile function to control the gimbal.

  14. Easily use the joystick mode switch shortcut for movement of the stabilizer including if you want to pan or tilt the camera. In addition helping the DJI RS 4 Pro to achieve the tilt axis you desire, there is a fine-tuning knob which will allow you to do this with extreme ease.

Get the DJI RS 4 Pro

With all of the wonderful specs and features of this 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, you know you are getting a great mounting system for your camera. Whether you need to shoot your videos or still shots in horizontal shooting or a native vertical shooting, this stabilizer makes switching back and forth a breeze thanks to the quick release plate. Beginners in the photography world will love the RS 4 Pro thanks to it’s ease of use. Vloggers and Content Creators will also appreciate the stability that the DJI RS 4 Pro provides. After all, you want the best, stable, clear and vibrant videos and images to upload to social media if you so choose. Stable and with a high capacity battery grip, filmmaking is easier than ever and with this pro combo additional accessories should not be needed.

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