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Please Note: We will be closed June 12th & 13th for holidays. Orders placed during that time will begin processing the 14th. Thank you for your patience.
Introducing the Nikon Z9

Introducing the Nikon Z9

Nikon has officially revealed the newest edition to their flagship mirrorless camera line, the Nikon Z9. The announcement, complete with a 24-hour live launch event, trumpets the highly anticipated camera’s quick autofocus performance, 8K video resolution, and superior ability to capture 120 frames per second. The Z9 is a camera designed specifically for a professional creator whether that be a videographer who wants to work light with a small crew without compromising the final product’s quality, or an action photographer who works with fast moving subjects. The smart features of Nikon’s most advanced camera to date make for a wide range of use cases including sports photography, wildlife shots, long session filming, and generally capturing fast actions as a still or on film. 

Fast. Powerful. Autofocus.
One of the most significant features of the new Nikon release is its ability to track and focus on a diverse spectrum of subjects for faster image capturing. People, animals, vehicles and other inanimate objects can now be detected regardless of how small they are or how quick they may be moving. Nikon’s 3D focus tracking feature has praised for its inclusion in their DSLR range of cameras. A must-have for action photography, 3D tracking shifts the focus point. It follows and, using algorithmic prediction, forecasts where a moving subject will be to maintain the right focus for a perfect composition. The Z9 will be the first mirrorless camera with this groundbreaking technology.

Even the simple feature of Eye Detection Autofocus is promised to be more advanced with the release of the Z9. This feature is programmed to track the eyes of people and animals even if they are obscured by another object or positioned upside down. Even when eyes are not visible, or when capturing a moving object, the built-in Subject Detection Autofocus will take over. Able to identify movement, this technology can pick up where Eye Detection is blind and ensure your subject remains the focus of your frame—No menu switching necessary! Nikon’s autofocus features and subject detection even work dark conditions. With Starlight Mode activated images can be focused with an incredibly low exposure value (EV) of -8.5. Even the details of the camera’s body seem to be well thought out as Nikon included illuminated buttons to help navigate the camera controls while you shoot in dark spaces.

Blazing Fast 120 fps Stills
In addition to the Z9’s fast autofocus capabilities, Nikon has built in the ability to take still photos at 120 frames per second. The result is 11-megapixel JPEG images, a resolution never before accomplished at this frame rate. This incredible speed captures all of the subtle movements that occur over the short length of a second, which matter so much when snapping athletes or dancers in motion. With a lower frame rate, of course a higher resolution is achievable. Dropping down to 30 fps will result in 45.7-megapixel still JPEGs, and 20 fps generates the same resolution for both JPEG and RAW image formats.

The electronic CMOS shutter, with a shutter speed of up to 1/32,000, is designed to work in tandem with the fast frame rate to efficiently capture your image. This advanced shutter system provides conditions that minimize the possibility for rolling-shutter distortion. The electronic shutter also eliminates shutter click. Enabling Silent Mode suppress menu sounds and quiets lens drive noises for when stealth and silence is necessary; An absolute game-changer for photographing insects and birds up close and undetected.

Record Outstanding Video
Of course, the Nikon Z9 is not only an excellent camera for still photography, but also for videography. The Z9 has the ability to record 10-bit 8K UHD video at 24, 25, and 30 fps, or 10-bit 4K UHD video in-camera with full pixel readout. Lush slow-motion sequences can be recorded in 120p. The processor, EXPEED 7, works to improve video recording as well by making smooth handheld walking shots appear seamlessly without stuttering. High quality frame grabs from a recorded video are also possible at 33-megapixels, so you can easily take stills from your footage for additional promotional content. The autofocusing features previously mentioned also applies to video recording. The technology allows for a filmmaker to pan around or move with a subject despite visual obstructions without ever losing focus. Autofocusing while recording is more difficult to manage than with a still image considering the higher likelihood for multiple moving objects at once. Nikon’s AF feature uses an advanced enough algorithm that multiple moving subjects can be captured and remain in focus without any extra adjusting.

Best of all is the Z9’s innovative body design which reduces temperature and prevents the camera from overheating while recording longer shoots. According to Nikon, the camera can run continuously for two hours without issue while other competing cameras with 8K/30p recording capabilities can only run for approximately 30 minutes. The Nikon body design grants you the opportunity to continue creating worry-free for longer!

An Advanced Viewfinder
The Z9 is equipped with the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, which is responsible for a Real-Live view of what you are recording with no blackout or delay. Nikon claims that their progressive processing engine eliminates the possibility of false or repeating frames. The processing engine sends data parallel to both the viewfinder and your memory card without interruption so you can be sure your content matches exactly what you see in real time.

The Nikon Z9 was built with physical features meant to make the action of shooting, filming, and maneuvering around your subject easy. The 4-axis vertical and horizontal tilting monitor opens up an extraordinary range of motion while keeping the viewfinder visible to frame your perfect shot. Low angles can be achieved without needing to uncomfortably lay on the floor. In addition, the Z9 features the brightest viewfinder available at 3,000 NITs, which is three times brighter than the leading EVFs in the industry. The unmatched brightness allows for a truer assessment of your image’s color and exposure. The monitor has never been more accurate in harsh, broad daylight! Finally, it would be remiss to leave out the small detail and added luxury of a touchscreen viewfinder, which makes selecting modes and navigating the menu thoughtless so you can focus on framing the shot.

Dual Card Memory Slots
The camera is built with slots that fit XQD type memory and CFexpress (Type B) memory cards, two of the most high-speed memory card types designed to keep up with the high-resolution demands of the Nikon Z9. Using the latest memory storage technology will provide a seemingly endless buffer. The two slots are independent of each other so you can load and save images with different write speeds.

 The Nikon Z9 is available now for pre-order! You can pick up your own at Beach Camera

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