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Key Steps for Editing Your Photos

Key Steps for Editing Your Photos

You’ve learned how to comfortably use your new camera. You have a pretty good understanding of composition and exposure basics. Now it’s time to learn how to edit all of those great shots you’ve been taking and turn them into outstanding images. These basic steps for photo editing can be done on most simple editing programs. You should just consider shooting in RAW for the best photo editing control.

Crop your Image
This photo editing step will actually end up saving you valuable time. You don’t’ want to edit parts of your photo that are actually distracting or just background clutter that don’t need to be part of the image. Just simply remove unwanted parts of your image by cropping, or trimming down the photo. This photo editing technique can help improve the overall composition by removing details you don’t want, or any unwanted distractions that could take away from your subject. Cropping is a photo editing technique that will help with composition mistakes as well. If your subject isn’t positioned where you’d like it to be in the frame, just sit down on your UltraWide monitor from and use this photo editing technique to pretty much place your subject where you’d like them.


Resize your Image
Another helpful photo editing tool you can use as you sit in front of your UltraWide monitor is learning how to resize your images. In most cases, you’re probably going to want to share your images on the web. Social media platforms automatically adjust your image size from the larger pixel size captured by your camera. This will take away the detail and quality of your photos because this will lower the resolution. If you complete your own photo editing and resize your own images, you’ll be in control of your image’s destiny. By resizing in your selected image editor program, you’re simply altering the dimensions of your photo.

Saturate the Colors in your Image
Photo editing on your LG UltraWide Curved LED Monitor from is a great way to make the colors in your photos appear more vivid. This is accomplished through the saturation photo filter. When you were capturing that shot of the sunrise at the beach, you remember there being brighter shades of oranges and reds than what you’re seeing in your image. A few adjustments of the saturation photo filter will help you bring out those brighter colors you remember from that morning. 

Adjust the Image Sharpness
Sharpening your image with your picture editor will give your photos a cleaner, crisper look. Photo editing programs offer different sharpening tools to help you adjust the amount of sharpness you add to your image. Depending on the picture editor program you’re using on your UltraWide monitor, you could try adjusting the sharpness using the clarity tool or the structure tool. These make the edges of your subject stand out more. This is an extremely useful photography editing tool to use if you’re planning to enlarge or print your images.


Use these photo editing steps to turn photos of your everyday memories into professional looking images.
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