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Labor Day Photo Project Ideas

Labor Day Photo Project Ideas

The unofficial end of summer is quickly approaching. Why not use the upcoming Labor Day weekend to practice some of your photography skills? You can work on these Labor Day photo projects while still enjoying the last weekend of summer with your family and friends! Photograph Real Laborers The whole idea behind the Labor Day holiday is to recognize workers. Create a photography project that depicts people working various jobs. The choices of jobs from which to choose are endless. Then on top of those choices, the types of photos you can take are limitless as well. You can choose to take still shots or portraits of a teacher preparing for class or a nurse caring for a child. Or look for action shots of a fireman climbing a ladder or construction worker jackhammering concrete. Use a variety of lenses, including a wide angle lens, to shoot from several different angles. Make sure you zoom in to capture the look on their faces, as well as a few shots of their hands. Labor Day Race From car races to 10k marathons, Labor Day is notorious for end of summer races. This is the perfect opportunity for you to practice your action photography skills. Rule of thumb when trying to freeze the action in your photo is the faster the subject is moving, the faster your shutter speed needs to be. When your photo project is fast action sports, 1/1000 is a good starting point when setting Shutter Priority mode on your camera. Last Dip in the Water The long Labor Day weekend usually marks the last dip in the pool or ocean as well. If you’re planning to hit the beach for one last hurrah, take this opportunity to capture some dramatic landscape and seascape photography with your drone from Don’t forget to take along your action camera so it’s safe to work on your underwater photography skills. Want a truly creative image for your underwater photo project? Try shooting half underwater and half above water. Make sure your lens is free of water spots as you slowly submerge half of the camera lens under the water to create the unique effect. Don’t have a beach nearby? Purchase an inflatable pool for your backyard Labor Day photo project. You can capture some awesome close-ups of the kids playing in the pool with a simple point-and-shoot. Local Celebrations Labor Day will no doubt be filled with plenty of festivities like festivals, carnivals, concerts and parades. This will give you the perfect opportunity to practice your street photography skills. When working on your street photography project, you need to be ready to shoot at all times. To avoid wasting time messing with your camera settings, and missing the shot, use Program Exposure mode on your camera from Program mode allows your camera to set the best shutter speed and aperture for the street scene you’re shooting. Back to School Project Not to throw a damper on the long Labor Day weekend, but this will be the perfect chance for you to put together a back-to-school photography project. Before the kids head off to brick and mortar or virtual school, take some shots of the kids wearing their freshly pressed 1st day of school outfit while surrounded by school supplies. Line up the previous years’ 1st day of school photos with your child standing at the end posing for the new school year photo. If you have a kindergarten student, make an adult-sized t-shirt with the graduation year printed on the front. Take a photo of him/her wearing it. Continue this photo project with the same shirt on the 1st day of school every year. Make a collage of your Labor Day photo projects and print a copy to keep. Add to this photography collection every year while watching your photography skills improve as well.
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