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Please Note: We will be closed June 12th & 13th for holidays. Orders placed during that time will begin processing the 14th. Thank you for your patience.
Please Note: We will be closed June 12th & 13th for holidays. Orders placed during that time will begin processing the 14th. Thank you for your patience.
Latest Camera News

Latest Camera News

Whether you’re still at home spending extra time with your family, or beginning to get out of the house and explore for the first time in months, there are still special moments needing to be captured with your camera. Have you discovered your old camera isn’t quite up to the task of recording your family memories? Don’t worry. We have the latest camera releases so you can choose your next camera.

a7S III- A Video-Maker’s Dream Camera
It’s been 5 years since the release of Sony’s last a7S full frame camera. Sony’s mission to stay on top in the digital video camera world remains strong with the new release of the Sony a7S III from The new release Sony a7S III has been completely upgraded from hardware to performance. The 12.1-megapixel sensor ensures better light and color capture when recording 4K video. Shoot 120 frames per second at 4K resolution with this new release Sony a7S III. Want to use real-time tracking, or need to track your subject’s eyes? Both are possible on the a7S III by simply enabling either function on the flip-out touchscreen. The movie mode button is easier for video-makers to access now too. Sony has placed it in a more prominent position on top of the a7S III. Preorder your new Sony a7S III now so you’ll be ready to capture your end of summer family videos!


Canon’s Best Mirrorless- EOS R5 and R6
If you’re in the market for a mirrorless camera that acts like a DSLR, the new releases from Canon will fit your needs. The new Canon EOS R5 and R6 offer features that will excite the leisure photographer as well as the professional. Both of these new releases are part of the RF lens system, and both have a full-frame sensor. However, the Canon EOS R5 is Canon’s top-tier camera with a 45-megapixel sensor, the R6 has a 20-megapixel. The R5 and R6 are different when it comes to display resolution as well. The R5 is equipped with the latest 5.76M dot OLED EVF which is paired with a 2.1M dot rear LCD. The R6 has a 3.68M dot EVF and slightly smaller 3" 1.68M dot LCD. Both use the same viewfinder optics. You’ll find one of the biggest areas the R5 and R6 differ is video. The R5's sensor is designed to shoot 8K video at up to 30p. The R6 shoots 4K at up to 60p. Both cameras have headphone and mic sockets. Both the R5 and R6 offer both focus peaking and zebra exposure indicators. If you’re a photographer taking a lot of fast action shots and videos, make sure you grab the new Canon EOS R6 when it’s released at the end of this month. Take more still photography than video? The Canon EOS R5 is the best still photography camera ever! Grab at least one of the new RF lenses, the RF 800mm lens or the RF 100-500mm lens, to go with either camera you choose. 


The Affordable Nikon Z5
Are you looking for a full frame mirrorless camera with a bigger sensor at an affordable price? Look no further. The new release Nikon Z5 is exactly what you’re looking for! You can preorder the camera and lens kit for $1696.95, and the camera body for just $1396.95 from This is well under that two grand price tag you’ll find on cameras with comparable sensors. The new release Z5 with its 24.3-megapixel full frame sensor isn’t launching alone. You can also purchase the shortest and lightest zoom lens available for mirrorless cameras. The new release Nikkor Z 24-50mm lens allows the Z5 to retain its compact form even while using a zoom lens. The new release Nikon Z5 is not only affordable, but even with the new zoom lens, you’ll be able to easily tote this camera around with you wherever you go.

Choose one of these latest camera releases and continue capturing family memories through the end of summer and beyond.
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