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Macro Photography Ideas to Shoot at Home

Macro Photography Ideas to Shoot at Home

  The coronavirus outbreak has the world on lock-down, making it a photographer’s nightmare. Landscape, street, nature, and event photography are very limited, and often near impossible. But this doesn’t mean we can’t stay creative when confined to our homes. If you need some tips to stay active and creative as a photographer during the COVID-19 quarantine, here are some great tips and ideas for shooting macro photography at home. If the lock-down doesn’t allow you to see the big picture, focus on the small one. We have much to learn from the little things in life and there’s beauty to be found in all objects. Micro photography is about shooting small things up close. Surely you have flowers, textured walls, pets, and many other cool-looking objects to use as subjects. Textures There are plenty of things we take for granted around our homes in terms of using them as photographic subjects. But when shooting them with a macro lens, they can give us some pretty interesting shots. Focus on textured objects you have at home, such as a pack of toothpicks, a kitchen sponge, or jewelry. Be creative with lighting, you can try playing with reading lamps or LED lights. A Plastic Bag A plastic bag is one of those items you can use in more than one way as a photographer. But have you considered making it your subject when shooting macro? With some creative lighting and a macro lens, you can turn a plastic bag into some creative abstract photography close up. Foam Foam looks very interesting when shot with a macro lens. So, fill the kitchen sink or a large bowl with water, add some soap and make foam. Again, get creative with light and see what you come up with when shooting photography close up. Color Macro Use your macro lens or your all-in-one zoom lens from to create colorful macro images by shooting soap bubbles or the refraction of light through a prism. Using the smallest aperture your zoom lens allows, for example f/5.6 or lower, blurs the background nicely, isolating the main subject when shooting macro. Water and Oil With a macro lens and a few everyday items, you can take incredible shots of oil drops floating on water. To prepare for this micro photography, fill a tumbler with water and add a drop of liquid soap to it. After a gentle stir, let it settle for 5-10 minutes, then add a few drops of cooking oil. If you want, add a splash of food coloring, or simply play with colorful lights. The oil and water combo also works well in black and white when shooting macro. Food and Drink Shooting food and drink in macro photography close up uncovers a whole new world. Fruits and veggies look amazing when shot with a macro close-up lens filter set, but of course, get creative and try shooting other foods, too. Thin slices of fruit look especially interesting when shot with a macro lens. Strike a Match When a match is struck, it flares into life so quickly that we can’t actually observe what happens at the precise moment of ignition. But by shooting a rapid burst of shots at high a frame rate, you can record this amazing moment and get a shot that straddles the divide between art and science. You need a macro lens from to record it, but leave plenty of room around the match head when you compose, as the fiery flare is bigger than you’d think! These are only some ideas to spark your creativity and get you started on micro photography at home.
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