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Making a Social Distancing Walk More Fun with a Camera

Making a Social Distancing Walk More Fun with a Camera

The physical and mental benefits of being in nature are vital right now. But in order to protect our community and ourselves, it's important to be discerning about when and how we choose to leave our homes. Walking by yourself, and hiking by yourself are good ways to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Make these solitary walks more fun with a camera. As you walk around, observe everything that’s happening around you and capture nature on your solitary walks.


Bring just one lens
Rather than carry your entire kit with you the whole time, try to choose just one lens that can be used for most of the kinds of shots you think you’ll be taking. If you’re walking by yourself around a waterfront, your standard lens will serve you well. You can bring filters with you so that you can change up the shots from time to time and give yourself some flexibility. Limiting yourself to one lens will mean less stress on your back and shoulders.


Keep your camera turned on
While you may be in the habit of switching off your camera in order to preserve your battery life, keep it switched on for the duration of your walk. You never know when an opportunity to take a picture will present itself when walking by yourself. Having to take the time to switch your camera back on can cause you to miss the magical moment. If you are concerned about your camera’s battery life, then bring extra batteries with you when walking by yourself.

Burst mode
Before you shoot, set your camera to Burst Mode. By allowing you to take pictures in rapid successions, Burst Mode guarantees you can capture the moments you might otherwise miss when hiking by yourself.

Auto Mode
Don’t be afraid to utilize Auto Mode if you’re still learning how to use a camera. When you’re not sure which setting to use in tricky shooting situations when hiking by yourself, switching to Auto Mode will enable you to shoot quickly without having to tinker with your device. Auto Mode is a foolproof way of taking photos. It’s very precise, meaning all you have to do is press the shutter and the camera will take care of the rest.

Shoot from different angles
Taking photos at eye level can become boring after a while. Change up your composition and experiment with odd angles as well. Shooting from a different point of view not only adds variety to your pictures, but it also changes the mood of your images. When you go on a solitary walk, try framing your shots differently and see what kind of photos you get. Shoot wide shots of buildings to indicate their size as well incorporate the surrounding environment to affect mood. Shoot close-ups to include details that wide shots are unable to capture. Another way to make your photographs more interesting is to shoot from high or low angles using a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal Stabilizer from Provide your viewers different perspectives that they wouldn’t normally see.
Get the shot you want with a drone
Drones from now have advanced feature modes to enable the drone to get epic shots. Try beginning with follow mode. Use the camera’s image recognition technology to track yourself when hiking by yourself. This mode is ideal for hiking shots and videos. Zip line lets you program a start and an end point, usually where some interesting action is going to happen, and the drone will fly that line. Basically, the drone flies itself while you control the camera. Orbit mode is similar in that the drone circles a subject or object while you get the shot.


Nature, staying active and spending time outdoors are all critical to our mental and physical health in the best of times. Try to make the best of it during this time of social distancing, and put your camera to good use when walking by yourself.
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