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Making the Most of Those Last Summer Photo Shoots

Making the Most of Those Last Summer Photo Shoots

Sumer seems to inspire the photographer inside of us all with the brightly colored flowers and outdoor activities.  With the season winding down, don’t miss out on your last opportunity to get some vibrant shots by using these tips for making the most of the final days of summer with your DSLR camera from Shooting Photos of Babies When getting some end of the summer shots of infants and newborns, the simpler the better.  Using every day, no fuss props reminiscent of summertime will help keep those memories vivid and alive for years to come. Blanket Use a picnic blanket alone on a grassy field, or with a full blown picnic set up around the baby. Wagon- Set the baby in a red wagon with a picket fence or a bale of hay behind it for a summertime backdrop. Grass- Take advantage of some low profile shots by setting the baby in some soft, green grass and lie down on the ground for the shots. Let’s Go Surfing- Nothing symbolizes summer more than a surfboard.  Pose the baby in the middle of a surfboard for some adorable summer shots. Shots of Kids & Families When you’re trying to get in those last moments of summertime fun with the family before school starts, try some of these tips for great pictures. Action Shots- Most families have a list of their favorite outdoor summer activities.  Take some action shots of your family participating in these events such as riding the waves, beach volleyball, swinging in the park, eating cotton candy at the fair, or bike riding. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR from is the perfect camera for your action shots. Water Shots- When kids think of summer most likely they think of all the ways they can get wet.  There are many opportunities out there to get some great shots of your kids playing in the water from swimming pools and lakes to puddles and sprinklers.  Your child getting a drink from the water fountain or garden hose after a long day of playing makes an awesome summer photo. Kids’ Play- Any of the usual summer kid activities can make great photo shoots.  Try catching your kids out in the sunlight as they blow bubbles, play hopscotch or jump rope.  Simple props of brightly colored helium balloons being held by a child as she stares up at them in amazement is what childhood and summers are all about. Carnivals The end of summer brings with it county fairs and carnivals. This makes for such an easy opportunity to get some incredible daytime and nighttime summer photos on the midway. Some ideas of shots to look for include kids eating cotton candy, riding ferris wheels, playing arcade games, getting their faces painted and their looks of amazement as they watch the fireworks at the end of the night. Nature’s Beauty Mother Nature puts on quite a display during the summer months.  Don’t forget to get the last shots of some of the spectacular colors still lingering in these last days of summer. Flowers Nothing says summer quite like the colorful blooms of a flower. Try to capture their beauty before the first frost hits truly marking the end of summer. Sunsets There’s nothing quite as spectacular as a summer sunset.  Make sure you get outside a little earlier because it sets earlier now than it did earlier in the summer. These tips should help you take some memorable end of summer photos that you will be able to look back on and instantly remember the great times had by all.
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