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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Taking mom out for a special meal for Mother's Day may not be doable during the coronavirus crisis. But it doesn't mean you're off the hook from making mom feel special on her day, May 10th. It's just going to take a little more planning to send her something or celebrate her virtually. Whatever your situation, there are plenty of opportunities to make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember. Here are a few examples of how families can show their appreciation and gratitude to mom this year, in ways that are both safe and affordable.

Make a love connection
For families that are separated during quarantine, a video call could be the answer to spending time together, even if it’s not in person. Reach out to her through Skype or set up a Zoom meeting. Mom doesn’t have a laptop? Order her a new LG laptop from Instead of sharing what you or your kids are up to, tell her what you appreciate about her. Maybe have the kids create a card and hold it up for her to see.


Relax with Casual Activities
Another relaxing way to spend time together, virtually or in person, is to watch a favorite movie or TV show on a new big screen TV. With all the time being spent indoors right now, a new TV will make a good Mother's Day gift! Many major TV stations offer full episodes of their shows for free on their websites and through their apps. You could also do a jigsaw puzzle, Sudoku, or a crossword puzzle together. If you’re not in the same household, it doesn’t have to be the same puzzle. The goal is to enjoy an activity together.

Give Mom a Helping Hand in the Kitchen
If your mom isn’t really into cooking, keep her well-fed with minimal effort with a good Mother's Day gift. A Deco Chef 24QT Countertop Toaster Air Fryer Oven makes it possible to turn out delicious comfort food favorites quickly with rapid hot air technology that requires little or no oil. French fries, chicken nuggets, and other crispy delights are made within minutes without the guilt of excess grease. They even feature dishwasher-safe equipment to make clean up that much easier! This seems like a win win as a great mom gift! 

Help Mom Stay Germ-Free
Give mom the ability to talk more and touch less by giving her this unique Mother’s Day gift. The Google Home Smart Speaker can help keep everyone in her household safer by setting up voice control for as many tasks as possible. The less that everyone has to touch in mom’s home, the fewer opportunities there will be to exchange germs. This great mom gift will control most TV’s like the Samsung 75" QLED 4K Smart TV  from You’ll minimize how often mom touches her phone, tablet and computer with a Google Home Smart Speaker. She’ll be able to ask Google Assistant for information she’d otherwise use these devices to access.

For the Photographer Mom
Is your mom an amateur photographer? Or maybe she just likes to capture all of the kids and grandchildren in photos. Either way, a Canon camera will make a good Mother's Day gift! She’ll be able to snap away, and send the photos of her family straight to her phone or computer to share with her friends over camera’s the built in Wi-Fi! 


Mother’s Day this year won’t look like it usually does, but the feelings can be just as strong.    

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