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Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Looking for unique gift ideas for mom? The best gifts, the ones that mean something, are the ones you put some thought into. Chances are, when you were younger, Mom’s favorite gift was the crude card you made with paper, crayons, glue, and love. It was from the heart, and it was one of a kind, just like you are. Here are some unique gift ideas for Mom that fit any scenario and come straight from the heart.

Cook for her this time

She spent every day of your childhood feeding you. Why not return the favor? Besides, food brings people together more than anything else. There’s no better day to get the family together than on Mother’s Day! But don’t just take her out for brunch. Make it even more special and cook for her as she did for you all those years. Breakfast in bed always makes someone feel pampered. Or if you want to include others, invite the rest of the family over for a traditional brunch with breakfast meats and desserts. Then whip up her favorite dishes with the Cuisinart Stand Mixer from Afterwards, let her in on the secret of how that is just one of the many recipes she can make with her new gift as you present the mixer to her.

Leave the cooking to the kids

Like the macaroni necklace and finger-painted masterpieces, the best gifts your kids can give Mom and Grandmother are homemade. Choose a couple of kitchen creations that are easy enough for the kids to cook with a little help here and there.


Gift of togetherness

It’s not always easy to get the whole family together for Mother’s Day. But if you give her the Microsoft Surface Pro Touch Tablet from, you can give her the gift of family. She’ll be able to video chat with up to 10 family members simultaneously through the new Google Hangouts web app at

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Video gift

A Mother’s Day video is the perfect personalized DIY gift! Make an easy, cute video gift with your adorable kids using the full HD movie mode on the Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR. One approach could be to simply have them show simple signs telling why they love their mommy. Some reasons may include that she sings to them, plays catch, fixes their favorite chocolate chip pancakes every Saturday, or reads books to them. Make sure a favorite song is playing along in the background as well. The best Mother’s Day gifts will have some element of precious time, delicious food, or thoughtful personalization. So let’s put those concepts to use and come up with some unique gift ideas for Mom.  

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