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Must Have Camera Accessories for Summer Travels

Must Have Camera Accessories for Summer Travels

You’re headed out on your next adventure, and you want to come back with lots of great photos. But, camera and lenses aside, what gear should you bring. Keeping your setup simple will keep you focused on photography, not gear, and it’s always nice to pack light. Still, there’s some photography gear you shouldn’t leave home without. These accessories should be your go-to items wherever you’re headed this summer.

Must Have Camera Accessories for Summer Travels

Compact Tripod

Tripods are probably the single most useful photo accessory you can own. They help to capture everything from crisp landscapes to long exposures of the night sky. Using your flash in low-light conditions washes out photos, but without it, photos tend to come out blurry. A tripod solves this problem by offering a steady surface for longer exposures, but most tripods are heavy and cumbersome. However, there are some great light and compact tripods designed specifically for travel. 

Must Have Camera Accessories for Summer Travels

Remote Shutter

Tripods can make it easier to shoot in low-light situations. But without a remote shutter you still run the risk of motion blur when you press down to take a photo. A shutter release remote control will allow you to take photos without touching your camera!


It doesn’t matter how little time you expect to spend away from your hotel room, you should always keep extra camera batteries from with you. Not only will it save you should your batteries die in the middle of the day, it also means less time spent waiting for one battery to charge.

Hard Drive

Even with an arsenal of back-up memory cards in your pocket, it doesn’t hurt to also back up your photos on a Samsung Portable Solid-State External Hard Drive from Not only will this save space on your cards, it will also save memory on your computer. You can rest easy knowing that your precious vacation photos are backed up and stored away.

Camera Bag

A good camera bag is one of the most important things you will buy. Not only will the bag keep your equipment safe while in transit but also when you are at your destination photographing. If you’re hiking or out in the wilderness. The main thing to consider is what you will be using the bag for and what is the most comfortable style for you to carry.

Must Have Camera Accessories for Summer Travels

This checklist covers most of the essentials that you need so that you can have a great experience photographing your travels this summer.

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