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New Year’s Photoshoot ideas

New Year’s Photoshoot ideas

New Year's Eve 2020 is right around the corner! If you’re plans include celebrating at home with your family, there are a lot of fantastic photos that can you take to keep the memories forever. To really capture memorable photos on New Year's Eve, you can have a fun photo-booth or plan for a special New Year photoshoot to capture the fireworks and holiday decorations in the streets. Whatever your plans are, check out these New Year’s picture ideas that you must include in your New Year’s family photo shoot.

New Year’s Photoshoot ideas

Say Cheese!

Get creative with your New Year’s picture ideas! Capture the moment with a DIY photo booth. This is where all those silly wigs and fancy dresses will have their chance to shine! Or you could create a wall out of balloons, which can serve as a focal point and as an amazing backdrop. Try including a few balloons with numbers that are counting down creating a festive New Year’s picture idea. Set your Canon digital camera from on a tripod and you’re ready to begin your New Year’s family photo shoot!

Drop the Ball Already

Why watch the big event on TV when you can host your own? Create your own sparkling ball with a piñata and lower it at midnight. Or raise a balloon, like letting a Chinese lantern go at midnight. Your kids will love counting down in your own home. Bonus if the piñata ball drops prizes or treats! Add shots to the New Year’s family photo shoot of the kiddos grabbing for the prizes.

New Year’s Photoshoot ideas

Dress to the Nines

If a PJ party won't do the trick, host a formal affair in honor of New Year’s Eve. Let your littles dress up in old dresses, jackets, gloves, bow ties, boas, and the like. Talk about an adorable New Year’s photoshoot!


Nothing says party like confetti, and it can be a neat addition on New Year’s Eve. Everyone counts down, and once the clock strikes midnight, little bits of colorful paper can shower down in an awesome way. And that is when a photo for the New Year’s family photo shoot should be taken with your new Nikon camera from! Confetti is mesmerizing, especially to kiddos, so there is no need to even stage this one. Simply snap some pics for the New Year’s family photo shoot, as babies and their siblings and friends are dancing around in a colorful storm. It may take a while to clean it all up afterward, but it will be worth it.

New Year’s Photoshoot ideas

Top it Off with a Hat

Miniature versions of anything means extra cuteness, and that includes a tiny top hat or party hat. These are common during this time of the year, and they usually include a holiday greeting or at least the number for the year. By placing one on a baby, an adorable photograph for the New Year’s photoshoot can be taken, printed out, shared, framed, sent off and enjoyed by all.

Don’t Forget Your Best Friend!

Of course you have to include the family pets in the festivities. Or at least the New Year’s family photo shoot! Place hats on their heads, or if they are interested, party blowers in their mouths! Just remember, they cannot consume most of the party food you’re serving. So be careful if you plan to use any of it as props!

New Year’s Photoshoot ideas

These unique and adorable ideas for your New Year’s photoshoot would be the perfect way to end this year and start the next.     

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