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Nikon-NEW All in One Super Zoom

Nikon-NEW All in One Super Zoom

So you are in the market for a great super zoom lens to pair with your mirrorless DSLR camera, Nikon is here to help. Capturing moving subjects can present a challenge, especially if you are at say a sporting event and a great amount of optical zoom to be able to hone in on the field in fast action scenes.

So Nikon has released the fantastic new lens, the Nikon NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR Lens (20125). This amazing super telephoto zoom lens offers a wide array of functionality and versatility to add to your digital camera. When used on a full frame mirrorless camera body, you get that zoom range to ensure that you get your desired close-up shot. This is a great lens to pair with one of the amazing Nikon Z cameras.

With it’s focal length of 208-400mm you use this lens to get a great zoom range and magnification while still being able to be used as a wide angle lens all the way up to a telephoto lens’ magnification. This ensures that each and every megapixel, even from long distances or filmed in low light conditions makes it a great addition to superzoom cameras.

Nikon’s latest lens technology creates a fantastic resolution and bokeh in a lightweight lens. Using autofocus on your camera coupled with this lens, you save time while the camera adjusts the settings automatically based off your shooting environment. It can adjust the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed if needed. As you progress with your photography career, shooting in manual focus mode will give you greater control over the camera settings.


Design and Specs

This Nikon NIKKOR Z lens which is part of the Nikon Z series of lenses, creates smooth operability, and a ruggedness all while coming it at an extremely lightweight 1.6 pounds, making handheld shooting and portability with this lens much easier. It’s dimensions measure at approx. 3.4 x 5.6" (84.5 x 141.5mm). The included zoom lock makes it easier for portability during a photo shoot as once set to lock you don’t have to worry about having to reset the length in cases of the lens possibly extending during transportation.

The build design allows for incredible optics and an F4-F/22 when shooting at approx 28mm or if shooting with a maximum aperture of F/8-F/45 at 400mm combine to deliver a fantastic frame filling bokeh background amongst other features.

The lens is powered by a high-speed stepping motor (STM), the NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR makes action shots so easy. The lens can keep up with fast moving subjects like athletes at a stadium (which if you happen to be further away from the actual action), and wildlife and because of the immense focal length, these distances to your desired subject will be within reach of your camera and lens.

The Nikon Z lens is mounted on Nikon’s patented Z mount system. If you wish to attach this new lens to a SLR camera from a different manufacturer like Panasonic, Sony, or Canon you will need a mounting adapter to ensure compatibility with one of those cameras. This lens is also a full frame FX format lens.

It is a full frame superzoom lens with a minimum focusing distance of 7.9” at it’s 28mm focal length. Amazing autofocus is standard on the Nikon NIKKOR Z 28-400mm lens. It’s VRR image stabilization is tremendous for helping with handheld shooting and vibration reduction and reduction of image blur and shake which is often found with handheld shooting. This meets the criteria established by CIPA also known as the Camera and Imaging Products Association.

The versatility of the design of this lens allows you to use it as a wide angle lens all the way to a superzoom telephoto lens, means that regardless of your shooting environment, once you have your settings correct based off your image or video recording environment, it’s as easy as point and shoot. From candid still photos of your subject to macro close ups this lens offers extreme versatility. This is a bit different than buying a Bridge Camera like the Nikon Coolpix P1000 which has a fixed lens attached to it and you wouldn’t be able to use this lens with such a camera.

Featuring 21 lens elements amongst 15 lens groups, with a 9-bladed diaphragm, a 77mm filter thread, a compact square lens hood, this lens has all specs that you need to get those fantastic shots. If you use the electronic viewfinder or vari-angle LCD screen on your camera while shooting with this lens, you will be able to concentrate and pick out AF points without sacrificing the integrity and quality of your shot.

With its amazing focal length of 28-400 mm (which is equivalent to a maximum focal length of 600mm on an APS-C CMOS cropped sensor camera), you can be certain you will get the zoomed in shot you desire. In addition this camera has a magnification zoom range of 14.2x. Also supplied with this fantastic new lens is a control ring that is intuitive smooth and click less. You can easily set the lens to control aperture, ISO, exposure compensation or manual focus. Linear focus available for video recording.

There is also a great lens hood included, for the optical glass developed by Nikon that is used in telephoto lenses to obtain optimum correction of chromatic aberrations. The lens is dust and drip resistant, for added peace of mind. It also makes it easier to wipe off any contaminants that do become attached to the lens surface.

Feel free to use your camera controls and settings to capture jaw dropping photos with this superzoom lens in a RAW format. This format allows for more editing and post processing changes. When shooting video in UHD or Ultra High Definition an a 4K resolution, you can be certain that your image quality will be top notch on the final exposure. This rings true as well if you shoot in FHD or Full HD at a 1080p resolution.

This Nikon lens helps prevents vignetting which causes is a loss of brightness or saturation on the periphery of a photo. It is produced by a certain number things, including defects in the design of the lens, the focal length, or the aperture.

The focus control ring rotation easily makes a changes in focus, similar to the response of a mechanical focus system. This is an accurate, intuitive control capability that will showcase your creative ideas with impressive image quality while altering focal lengths.

When you utilize the Wi-Fi on your camera and the Bluetooth coupled with a post processing and utility app like SnapBridge, just attach your camera to your smartphone or compatible PC via the bluetooth connection, download the app from the app store on iOs devices and the Google Play Store on Android Devices. Once you have the app downloaded, you can use it for post processing or to upload your amazing still photos or video recordings to social media.

Conclusion and Availability

Nikon USA announced the release of this new lens on April 4th 2024 with availability to purchase by mid April. This new superzoom lens from Nikon, really sets itself apart with tremendous versatility and specs that lend to all around usage. That being said, the focal length of this lens lends to adding superiority to your DSLR camera for amazing image quality and video recordings. As a final reminder if purchasing this lens for a camera that uses a different mounting system than the Nikon Z mounting system, make sure to get a mounting adapter and check compatibility via the user manuals and online. Enjoy this great new lens and have fun shooting fast action spring photography.

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