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November Photo Ideas

November Photo Ideas

The most colorful month for photography is in full swing with the rich colors of the leaves, and the variety of gourds and pumpkins. There’s no limit to the spectacular images you can capture during the month of November. Here are some November photo ideas to get you started.

Outdoor Family Photo Ideas

It’s time to get the family together for some November photoshoots. Need some images of your family for holiday cards? Maybe it’s time to update the grandparent’s framed photos for the holidays this year. Do you need some more shots to fill the November page of the calendars you’re creating, printing, and sending everyone on your list this year? Pick a location for your outdoor family photos that reflects your family’s style. Are you nature lovers? Choose a park, farm or beach. Want larger than life images? Shoot your November photos on top of a mountain or beside a secluded lake. City slickers? Take some family shots in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city or with the cityscape as your backdrop. These November photos don’t have to be posed. Try taking some action shots of your family participating in activities they love. Kayaking, hiking their favorite trail, apple picking in the middle of an orchard, or choosing the pumpkin for the Thanksgiving pie! Of course, taking family photos around your home will always create a nice warm feeling in November as well! Capture the color of the falling leaves in the comfort of your own backyard. Nothing is off-limits when shooting your family November photos!

November Photo Ideas

November Still-Life

The colorful and oddly shaped gourds and pumpkins are great for creating some incredible November still-life photography. Get out in nature and search for seasonal plants and bright squashes. Try to find natural ferns, pinecones, acorns and berries to add to your still-life arrangements. Take your


Don’t let all of that hard work raking up those big piles of leaves go to waste. Create colorful November photos of your friends, family, or even pets! Create a shower of leaves by tossing leaves into the air above your subject. Position yourself safely above your subject on a ladder or landscape wall and have your subject lie down in a pile of leaves. Use Aperture Priority and around f/4 on your lens from to keep the subject in focus.

November Photo Ideas

Capture Wildlife

Capture some magnificent wildlife while they gather food and prepare for winter hibernation. Use a wide-angle lens to capture creatures scurrying around the forest floor, or your own backyard. A long zoom or telephoto lens with a fast aperture of f/2.8 or f/4 will give you beautiful depth of field.

November Photo Ideas

Use these ideas to make the most of the November colors to create some incredible images.    

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