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Photography Techniques for Fun

Spring is a great time to try out some photographic experiments to see if there is a new technique you'd like to add to your repertoire for variety and fun. With the change in seasons, putting on a macro lens or making the most of your zoom function to get up close and personal with flowers, buds, and bees is high on most everyone's list of things to try out. However, there are some additional things you might want to experiment with just to see how they turn out! 1) Time lapse photography -- The weather is better and the flowers are going from bud to bloom which makes it a great time to try some time lapse photos. To pull these off, you'll have to leave your camera in a fixed position for a while so as to not have a lot of image blur or camera shake in the photos. You'll also want to manually set the frequency of the capture so that your time lapse is smooth and clean. 2) Astrophotography -- In the northern hemisphere, the warmer weather also heralds several nice meteor storms and other astronomical events. This is a great time to try out your wings in astrophotography. If you managed to get a telescope back at Christmas, you can even get a mount so that you can capture the sights your scope shows up. 3) Outdoor portraits -- Again, with more sun and warmer temperatures, this is a great time of year to start practicing outdoor photography and portraits. Carry around a light bouncer made out of cardboard and tin foil in order to help control the lighting for your shoots. 4) Aerial photography -- Drones are becoming more and more popular and they're not too difficult to learn to fly so adding aerial photography to your bag of tricks can make things fun and interesting, giving you the chance to get a real "bird's eye" perspective in your photography. What are some other techniques you think you might like to give a try? Let us know in the comments below! -- Da Bird
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