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Photography Tips I wish I Knew Earlier

Photography Tips I wish I Knew Earlier

As you’ve made the decision to get into photography, no doubt you’re reading every piece of material you can get your hands on. You’re spending countless hours watching every tutorial you come across on the internet as well. To help save you some time and future frustrations you may encounter along your photography path, here are some tips to make learning easier.

Aperture Priority Mode

As a beginner, it is great to learn how to use manual mode. However, don’t think of it as cheating to select aperture priority mode over manual mode. Certain situations require you to act quickly, not allowing time for all that’s required of manual mode. Take advantage of the ability your camera from has to improve your efficiency in low light situations. Using aperture priority will allow you to control the depth of field. Don’t worry, using aperture priority will not interfere with your creative control.

Keep it Simple

Simplify the composition of your photo. Try to exclude any elements that might be distracting to the viewer. If possible, use your lens to zoom in and fill the frame with the subject.

Photography Tips I wish I Knew Earlier

Experiment with Different Lenses

The further along you venture into photography, the more critical you’ll find yourself getting about your own work. When you find areas needing improvement, it’s easy to assume a new camera will fix your problems. Before diving in and upgrading to a new camera, and having to learn how to work all those new buttons and controls, investing in a new lens from may be what you need instead. Trying to focus more on your subject like mentioned in the tip above? A telephoto lens will help you do that by isolating the main subject. Prime lenses are perfect for portrait photography and shooting in low light situations. A zoom lens will allow for more versatility while shooting. You can focus on a variety of things happening from a different distance without trying to position yourself closer. A zoom comes in very handy when photographing family events like birthday parties and vacations, or sporting events.

Photography Tips I wish I Knew Earlier

Be Flexible

Beginner photographers tend to think they must always remain stationary or use a tripod to avoid blur. So not true. Getting the shot of a lifetime may require climbing a ladder, or even getting down and dirty in the trenches. The slightest angle change could dramatically improve the outcome of your image.

Photography Tips I wish I Knew Earlier

Bounce Flash

Did you buy a new flash when you first began photography, but you’re still having trouble getting your images to come out just right? Try pointing the flash at the ceiling or a wall so the flash will bounce off the surface onto the subject.

  Photography Tips I wish I Knew Earlier 

Use these tips to save yourself from making some of the more common rookie mistakes.

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