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Picture Ideas to Try on Christmas Day

Picture Ideas to Try on Christmas Day

Picture Ideas to Try on Christmas Day

Nothing replaces the memories that are made on Christmas morning. It’s easy to forget the details amongst the flying wrapping paper and screams of excitement! Permanently document the matching pajamas and the year you received that precious keepsake from your great-grandmother with these Christmas Day photo ideas.

The Eyes Have It

It’s always important to focus on your subject’s eyes, even when shooting Christmas Day photos. Do this by creating an image with as little empty space on the top and sides as possible. Let your Christmas Day decorations filter into the background by using subtle bokeh. Try to avoid using flash for your indoor Christmas photos. Don’t wash out the vibrant colors created by your Christmas lights and candlelight with the harsh lighting from your camera’s flash.

Picture Ideas to Try on Christmas Day

Family Portraits

As the family is ready to sit down for Christmas dinner, it’s the perfect time to capture some family portraits. Gather everyone around the Christmas tree with some gifts scattered about. A fast zoom lens like the Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Full Frame E-Mount Lens from will give you a wide angle for group portraits. You’ll also be able to use a zoom lens to grab intimate and inviting close-ups throughout Christmas Day.

Let the Story Unfold

Capture all the little details that unfold during the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning. Capture images of your little one’s face lighting up as she opens the special gift from a grandparent. Snap shots of the special interactions between siblings and your children playing with their new toys. Try not to miss the proud mom quietly taking it all in from her seat in the corner beside the tree.

Picture Ideas to Try on Christmas Day

Don’t Be Left Out

Make sure you spend some time on the other side of the lens on Christmas morning. Get out from behind the camera and capture some images of yourself with the kids and other family members enjoying the festivities as well. This may require setting up the camera on a tripod for a few shots. Or, you just may have to let go of the reigns and let someone else take the photos for a few minutes.

Just Shoot

Christmas Day isn’t the time for a professional photoshoot. Use your Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera from to capture the memories without worrying about camera settings and formal poses. Remember to enjoy the day, and be present with your loved ones on Christmas Day.

Picture Ideas to Try on Christmas Day

Use these Christmas Day photo tips to help you preserve your memories while enjoying your day at the same time!

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