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Places to Shoot a Creative Photo Session this Summer

Places to Shoot a Creative Photo Session this Summer

Summer is approaching quickly and it’s one of the absolute best times to plan photo sessions. There are opportunities for creative shoots everywhere: in your backyard, at the beach, on the playground, at a party. Everywhere! Here are some must take pictures of the summer.

Places to Shoot a Creative Photo Session this Summer

Hit the Beach

If you get to the beach this summer, snap away with your Sony DSLR from! You’ll have an endless amount of options to choose from for any kind of photo shoot you’re planning. From engagement announcements, wedding photos and baby bump shots, to toddlers in sunbonnets, kids playing in the waves to generation sessions, the beach is the perfect setting for a photo shoot.

Toes in the sand

This shot can be taken of your own toes at the edge of the waves. If you’re doing a mother and child shoot, take photos of both sets of feet. For a group session, have the subjects form a circle and shoot from above by standing on a ladder.

Places to Shoot a Creative Photo Session this Summer


The optimal time to schedule your wedding photo shoot is an hour before sunset to take advantage of the beautiful colors lingering just above the gently rolling ocean. This way the photos will have the natural soft light as well as the beautiful striking sunset. Nothing says romance like a sunset over the ocean.


Playtime is the best! This is your opportunity to just chase the kids around. Let them run, splash in the water, dig or build a sand castle. Grab a long lens from for these shots and just let the kids be. It’s these moments that will be rewarding when you get the winning shot. So don’t be afraid to over shoot.

Places to Shoot a Creative Photo Session this Summer

Playground Fanatics

A simple local playground can be chock full of great photo opportunities. An added bonus is that it allows you to enjoy time with your child, cement your memories of this time, and create images that you can share with them years later.


If the playground is within walking distance, photograph the walk there and back as well. The goal at this photoshoot is to follow your child or subject around without disrupting or influencing his decisions. Be his shadow. Every pose, look or smile he gives will be real. And that’s pure magic.

Getting the Shot

Shoot at your child's level, or even from slightly below. Wait for natural eye contact. Your child will periodically make eye contact even from across the playground. Capture your child in action! It may take several shots but keep persisting. Keep an eye on background clutter. Try to avoid getting cars, strollers, trash cans or other people in the background if you can. Or use a shallow depth of field so they are blurry enough to not be distracting. Look for off center compositions that will make your photo more interesting. Also, look for interesting views. Like taking photos through parts of a playground structure and using its different levels to your advantage. So whether your summer photo session includes shooting the volleyball action at a family cookout, or the firework finale this July 4th, you’ll be able to find creative places and opportunities to capture incredible images all summer long.

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