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How to Shoot Unique Photos for Your Graduation

How to Shoot Unique Photos for Your Graduation

It’s that time of year again when the caps will be flying high into the air. Graduation is a major life accomplishment that you’ll want to remember forever with great pictures. We have ideas to help you capture some unique graduation poses on this momentous occasion.  Use Scrabble Tiles When in doubt, Scrabble tiles are always an easy go-to. Raid your board game stash and collect tiles that spell things like “senior” or “grad.” Then, arrange them in your hands and snap away with a Point and Shoot from Blow Confetti You can never go wrong with confetti! Pick up a pack at the craft store and recreate this picture to give your traditional cap-and-gown picture a little pizzazz. Opt for a Brick Wall  There’s no sense in getting a crazy expensive backdrop when you can use the great outdoors. Find your favorite brick wall in town and take a few shots in front of it with your DSLR from Pose with Your Bestie Surviving school without your besties is kind of an impossible task, which is why including them in your graduation pictures is perfect. Plus, opting for something super casual like sitting on a swing set or doubling up on a bicycle is both adorable and budget-friendly. Walk on a Bridge Finding a quaint bridge around town is all it takes to make your graduation snaps one of a kind. It’ll make for some epic walking shots. Use a Stair Railing  Color is never ever a bad idea. Look around for the prettiest stair railing that complements your cap and gown, and you can make a gorgeous photo op out of it. Pose yourself so that the railings create a frame around your face. Make a Senior Banner It’s time to get your DIY on. Make a banner with your name or one that says “senior” or “graduate” and take some pictures with the sunset. 2nd Graduation Take a photo holding a pic of yourself in your kindergarten graduation gown. Now that’s a keeper! Take Downtown Shots Embrace your city-girl side and take some graduation pictures on the streets. Add some color with a jumbo balloon to celebrate the big day. Don’t Forget Your Furry Friend Take a few pictures with your pet. Big or small, from horses to goldfish, pets just make photos cuter. Be Silly Take a super casual approach and make a funny face, because life is too short to be serious all the time. Prioritize Color  Emphasize bright colors and textures for an eye-catching portrait. Spice up the frame with balloons or other props to add a playful element. Because your future is oh-so-bright! Wear Your Cap and Gown If doing something extravagant just to get a picture isn’t your thing, opt for this rockin’ pose instead. It takes your regular graduation pictures to the next level and makes for an epic new phone wallpaper too. Choose some of these ideas to help you find your own style on your special day.
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