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Simple Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Simple Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Ever wonder what goes into becoming a better photographer? We’ve compiled some of the most insightful pieces of advice to help you better your own photography skills.

Know What You’re Working With

It’s wise to get to know your gear inside and out. When you encounter a fleeting, once in a lifetime shot, it’s crucial to have gear that you can quickly and efficiently navigate. Otherwise, you’ll chance missing the shot because you have to stop and take out your user’s manual!

Simple Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Do Your Homework

Any photographer looking to grow should take advantage of any resource available to them. Today, downloadable PDFs from talented photographers are available for just about any topic you’re interested in learning about. If you’re not much for reading, there’s thousands of free tutorials available through Youtube. So, if and when you run into a hurdle, there’s no excuse not to seek out a solution.

Find Beauty in the Mundane

It’s pretty easy to feel that there’s nothing worth photographing that’s readily accessible. But the truth of the matter is that just about any subject can make for an interesting photograph. So don’t worry if you don’t live near a natural wonder. Explore a suburban neighborhood and seek out something wondrous. Try arranging a still life from the items sitting on your countertop. Capture the beauty of a loved one. So long as you continue to think outside the box and remain vigilant of your surroundings, chances are there’s a great image waiting just around the corner.

Simple Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Trade your Kit Lens for a Prime

If there’s any one upgrade you should invest in, it’s a prime lens from It’s not uncommon for new cameras to be bundled with a kit lens, and many beginners believe that it’s enough to get the job done. Unfortunately, kit lenses often lack the precision and sharpness offered by a prime. Though prime lenses feature a fixed focal length, you’re bound to be blown away by the overall image quality that they offer. Primes also offer a challenge to new photographers to make creative compromises and shoot in new ways.

Simple Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Try Something New

One of the greatest parts about photography? There’s always something new to experiment with! Between the filters, novelty lenses, and lighting mechanisms out there, just about any look that you desire is attainable. Plus, once you finally have an image in hand, post processing software such as Adobe Photoshop introduces additional possibilities. With all of the different options available, it would be foolish not to test the limits of the medium and explore how different tools can impact an image. When you expose yourself to all that photography has to offer, you broaden your horizons and gain more insight on how to go about bringing your own ideas to life.

Experiment with Different Perspectives

Photographers just starting out tend to photograph the world at eye level. It’s not too difficult to take on a new viewpoint. Something as simple as climbing up to a high point and shooting downwards can create a bird’s eye view effect. Even holding your Sony camera from at waist level can provide an interesting and refreshing take on a common subject. Changing perspectives can be helpful for adding meaning to a photograph as well as visual interest.  For instance, getting low to the ground and shooting upwards can give a subject a powerful domineering appearance. Shooting through glass or tree branches can add layers to an image and create a barrier between your subject and your viewer. No matter how long you work behind the camera, there will always be things that you don’t know. If you always strive to improve, you’ll never find yourself bored with the craft.

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