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Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 GM Lens

Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 GM Lens

Sony Cameras has released a fantastic new lens with the Sony FE 50mm 1/4. GM Lens (model number sel50f14gm). This new lens is smaller and lighter than the F/1.2 lens. However, This new lens is meant to be used on a full frame mirrorless camera body.

The focal length is not a telephoto lens or a wide angle lens it is a classic prime lens that allows for the right angle on your subject while taking stills. This works extremely well while creating a bokeh effect and producing a wide open shooting ability.

Sony Lens


Sony’s latest lens technology creates a fantastic resolution and bokeh in a lightweight Sony lens. The Sony FE which is part of the Sony Alpha series (which can be used on DSLR cameras), creates smooth operability, and a ruggedness adding to this large-aperture standard prime lens.

Incredible optics and an F1.4 maximum aperture combine to deliver fantastic bokeh. Deep, background and foreground bokeh at F1.4 is the way to go as portrait subjects really create an amazing image quality. New features that enhance the bokeh effect quality include (extreme aspherical) elements that effectively prevent a bad bokeh effect, and optimal spherical aberration during design.

Several lenses like the Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens can be compatible with Sony’s cameras. This is by far one of the best Zeiss lenses for Sony shooters, and that's because it is unique, and has a great price point. Despite this being an APS-C format lens, this is the only macro lens option from Zeiss for Sony cameras, and the image quality is fantastic. The Sony FE lens is compatible with 67 mm filters. This lens sits above some of the Sony Planar T lens.

This Sony FE new lens is 33% lighter than the Sony Planar T FE 50mm F1.4 ZA and an amazing 262g lighter than the slightly faster FE 50mm F1.2 GM.


The Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 comes with Sony E mount and ergonomic build quality. It is a full frame lens with a minimum focusing distance of 16.1" / 41 cm. Maximum magnification is 0.16x. Amazing autofocus is standard on the Sony FE. Optical Image stabilization (OSS) is not included. The Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 utilizes IBIS (in body stabilization to stabilize the image.)

The new Sony FE has dimensions of 3.2 x 3.8" / 80.6 x 96 and weighs 18.2 oz / 516 g. Length of the lens is The dust and moisture resistant design provides a sense of comfort and protection for the user.

This Sony Lens prevents vignetting which causes is a loss of brightness or saturation on the periphery of a photo. It is produced by a certain number things, including defects in the design of the lens, the focal length, or the aperture. The reduction of brightness increases as the distance from the center of the photo gets larger.

There is a dedicated aperture ring, which smoothly makes the iris lock switch. This is the first iris lock switch on a Sony lens. With the Sony FE 50mm f/1.4, you are getting a great art lens. Art lenses are best for images that give the sharpest, finest and most crisp details that a stills and video shooter can possibly hope for. They also have higher apertures – f/1.4 to f/2.8. So, which exhibit exceptional focal plane sharpness.

Sony Lens


The front lens element includes a fluorine coating that repels fingerprints, dust, water, oil, and other contaminants making this new lens moisture-resistant. It also makes it easier to wipe off any contaminants that do become attached to the lens surface.

Specs and Features

Lets take a quick look at some of the amazing features of the Sony FE lens in this lens review:

Great price point for this lens which compares favorably to lenses from Sigma even in their dg dn art series and comparable lenses from Fuji.

This is a g master lens. These are the company's high-end lenses Sony’s G Master series (G stands for gold standard.

Two high-precision (extreme aspherical) elements correct distortion and most types of aberration so that high resolution is achieved right out to the image edges. The optical design is also (extra-low dispersion) glass element to diminish chromatic aberration so that images are clear and sharp without color bleeding. This is extremely effective even in low light situations.

Sony’s Nano AR Coating II process produces a thin covering on the Sony lens surfaces. This reduces internal reflections that can cause flare and ghosting. Excellent contrast and clarity are achieved even when strong light sources are within the frame of shooting.

Sony’s advanced optical technology provides unreal resolution in a lightweight lens. Extreme aspherical elements with a groundbreaking design, high-thrust XD linear motors, and a small circular aperture unit are in unison in a large-aperture lens that is only 80.6 mm in diameter and 96.0 mm in length while weighing approximately 516 grams (18.2oz.)

This high-performance lens effectively increases the speed, quickly acquiring focus on subjects even when taking close up shots or video.


The lens mount is a Sony E. Sony E-mount is a lens mounting system which Sony Cameras made for mirrorless photo and video cameras. With this Sony lens you can bring the lens closer to the sensor. This allows for the lenses to be smaller and lighter without compromising image quality. With the Sony E-mount you can even install this lens on the high end Sony A7R V camera.

Game changing autofocus maximizes the speed potential of α series bodies, speedily acquiring focus on subjects even when using close up shots. The linear motors and an control algorithm ensure crisp, responsive focus drive for stills and movies.

Sony Lens

Quiet autofocus is built into this lens, which can be a huge advantage when shooting movies, even at high frame rates. The focus breathing compensation function in compatible camera bodies is also supported. Video subjects and objects are captured and tracked even when shooting at 120 fps or other high frame rates.

Since A-mount and E-mount have different diameters, they are not interchangeable. However, you can use an A-mount lens on an E-mount body by using a Mount Adaptor, allowing for this lens to placed on A-mount cameras from such companies as Canon and Nikon.

Linear Response MF for precise, repeatable manual focus control and there is Instant auto/manual focus selection via AF/MF switch.

XD linear motors is used to optimize response to control signals so that focusing is precise and vibration is minimized for a quiet auto focus operation that can be a huge advantage when shooting movies, even at high frame rates. Again, focus breathing compensation function in compatible α series bodies is also supported.

Linear Response manual focus ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly when pressing the focus hold buttons to control when focusing manually.

Focus ring rotation makes a change in focus, similar to the response of a mechanical focus system. Accurate, intuitive control will show your creative ideas to impressive image quality.

Sony lens


Included in Package

  • Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 GM Lens

  • Hood (ALC-SH173)

  • Lens Front Cap (ALC-F67S)

  • Lens Rear Cap (ALC-R1EM)

  • Soft Case

  • Sony 1 Year Limited Warranty

Conclusion and Availability

The Sony FE 50mm f1/.4 GM lens is available for pre-order with Sony advising an April release of the lens.

With gorgeous resolution and contrast from the new Sony FE 50mm F1.4, this speedy, responsive lens offers amazing authenticity for stills and movies that will satisfy users from advanced amateurs to some of the most knowledgeable professionals.

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