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Sony's Latest Waterproof Mobile Gadgets

This one is for the mobile photography enthusiasts out there. Sony has just unveiled a new line of phones and tablets that are waterproof. With the latest updates in weatherproofing and waterproofing, these new mobile gadgets from Sony can take a splash without fizzling out. No special bulky life-proof case needed. These updates and the "ruggedization" of mobile devices will really be a boon to mobile photographers. For a while, now, mobile photographers have been hampered by the fact that if they want to waterproof or weatherproof their gear, they have to shell out for cases and protective screens that sometimes make it more difficult to use. And, even with those cases, there are still limits to how far a mobile device can be pushed before it refuses to work. Cameras, on average, have a greater range of temperatures they can handle without needing special casings. Also, cameras generally come with an optic view-finder which makes pushing the device against your face feel natural. Smartphones generally require you to hold them several inches away which means that they can't easily be shielded by your umbrella or raincoat's hood. So, if you've been looking for a phone or tablet that can stand up to Mother Nature (within reason*) and not wilt, it looks like Sony has the device for you! -- da Bird
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