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Spine-Chilling Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

Spine-Chilling Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better way to create a lasting memory of this day than to have a themed photo shoot? From candy corn to pumpkins, to witches and more, capture the essence of the spooky holiday through photos. Here are some fun Halloween and pumpkin photography ideas with a twist.

Dress Up

The first thing that comes to mind is of course your beautiful, naughty, scary, funny or what-the-heck-is-that outfits. Capturing your character can be really fun and gives you an opportunity to be someone you have never been in real life,
until now.

Spine-Chilling Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

Add Props

Props are a significant part of Halloween photography ideas. They are a fun way to add variety to your photos and to take them to the next level. Especially around Halloween, shops are filled with all kinds of props that can help bring your scary scene to life. If you’re on a budget, improvise. Incorporate things you have at home like brooms, candles etc. Take advantage of them to their fullest and fill the frame with them! From the witch’s broom to the skeleton in your closet, there are plenty of props to play with during Halloween. Remember, a Thor is not a Thor without his hammer. A hammer smashing a few juicy pumpkins in front of the camera, even better!

Spine-Chilling Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

Eerie Scenery

It’s not a secret that location is crucial for any kind of photo shoot, let alone a Halloween photo shoot. Carefully selected, location can sometimes make up for the lack of idea or not having the most elaborate costume. Photographs with poor location won’t appeal to your viewers. That’s why, you should search for abandoned buildings, forests, churches, trains, cemeteries or haunted houses in the area. Eerie scenery is what it takes to get that perfect creepy shot with your point and shoot from! It’s important to remember to place your subjects in smart positions. Try using the rule of thirds when shooting.

Try Silhouettes

Photographing silhouettes is an excellent way of conveying drama and mystery. Also, this angle is very fresh and eye-catching. It removes all the distractions and isolates the subject of your photo shoot. Incorporating silhouettes into Halloween pictures is a sure-fire way of getting striking pictures. Besides, this idea is very easy to bring to life. Silhouettes usually look pretty dramatic in photos. This is the kind of mood that the Halloween holiday is known for.

Spine-Chilling Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

Go Plain Scary

Unleash your creativity to the fullest. No more cuteness. Let’s go dark, eerie and goosebumps ready!  This is a day that is meant to be scary. This is the only time of the year when creating something blood-curdling is encouraged! That’s why you should really sacrifice the nice look in favor of the scary one. Try to come up with hair-raising and awe-inspiring photos. For best results, try shooting in low light and diffusing your flash from to make it extra spooky.

Spine-Chilling Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

Reveal your creative energy with these photo shoot ideas. They will make you want to capture all of the great holiday memories on this scariest day of the year.
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