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Take advantage of Our Current Camera Promotions

Take advantage of Our Current Camera Promotions

With several inches of snow on the ground in some areas, it’s hard to start thinking about spring sports already. However, if you’re interested in photographing baseball, now is the perfect time to prepare for spring training that begins this month! Here’s what you need to know to try your hand at photographing this fast-action sport.

Take advantage of Our Current Camera Promotions

Start with the ideal equipment

It used to be that to photograph baseball like the pros you needed an ultra-expensive, ultra-long telephoto lens and a monthly payment equivalent to a used car. Thankfully, one of the biggest benefits of high-resolution, big-megapixel cameras is the crop factor. You can use a shorter lens and, because the resolution of the image is so high, you can easily crop in to make a shorter focal length behave a lot more like a super. Want to really expand on that cropping capability? Get a camera with a sub-full-frame sensor, like the DX format Nikon D500 with its APS-C sensor and save 10% during the Nikon Instant Savings Deal going on now at Then, multiply the actual focal length of your lens by 1.5. And just like that you’re working with a lens that’s actually behaving like it’s 600mm. That’s important if you’re near first base and want to make a great shot of the center fielder diving for the ball.


Though not as continuously fast paced as other sports, baseball definitely has moments of intense, quick action. In order to capture that, it’s essential to have a fast shutter that can effectively freeze the moment. From the bat connecting with the ball to it sinking into the catcher’s glove, keep that shutter high to document those important plays. Use a fast ISO setting on your digital camera when taking baseball photos because you want to use the fastest possible shutter speed to stop the action. On most of today’s DSLRs you can do so without an unacceptable level of noise. If this isn’t possible with your current camera, you may need to consider trading up to the new Nikon Z Series Camera during’s Trade-Up Event!

Take advantage of Our Current Camera Promotions

Use continues shooting mode

When a player is up to bat or pitching on the mound, it’s so handy to be able to hold down the shutter and capture image after image quickly. Shooting in continuous mode with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera that’s on sale during the Canon Savings Event allows you to freeze each individual movement. It also allows you string them together to see the motion as a whole in a series of images.

Take advantage of Our Current Camera Promotions

Document more than just the plays

Baseball is more than the score at the end of the game. Be sure to capture all that makes up this great American pastime. From sunflower seeds to bubble gum to the dugout and bats and balls, there are so many details to document that add to the emotion and the fun. Trade in your old DSLR or lens during the Sony Trade Up Event so you can zoom in on these elements and incorporate them into your collection of memories.

Take advantage of Our Current Camera Promotions

Apply these tips and when you hit the ballpark in a few weeks, you'll come home with some great pictures.

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