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How to Take Egg-Cellent Easter Photos

How to Take Egg-Cellent Easter Photos

You probably remember the Easter pictures from your own childhood. The fancy dresses, gloves and hats for the little girls and their moms, and the miniature suits and bow ties for the little gentlemen.  Well, styles have changed a lot since then, and so have the approaches we take to collecting those Easter Sunday memories.  Taking Easter pictures can be easy and fun, and you don’t need fancy equipment to get the job done.  A point and shoot camera like the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III from works quite well.  You just need to follow a few of our tips to capture some meaningful memories that will make your kids cringe when they get older. Photos of Kids Coloring Eggs You don’t have to snap a picture of a child saying “Cheese” to have a memorable photo of Easter egg dying. Give kids the tools they need to color their eggs and then step back.  Have your camera ready and snap pictures while they are concentrating on the activity. Try to capture their personality as they decorate eggs.  Sometimes the candid shots turn out much better than posing for the camera. Capture the Hunt Weather permitting, outdoor Easter pictures are the best. Be sure your camera is set to take pictures of moving kids by setting it to Shutter Priority Mode.  Once set to this, put it on ‘burst’ shooting mode to get lots of action pictures, and just start taking pictures as the kids run and hunt for eggs. Look for spontaneous moments when they find a hidden egg. Frill and Thrills Getting the shots of the family, especially the little ones, in their Easter outfits is still at the top of the list on this special day.  But if you’re wanting these shots, make them a little more exciting by letting the kids be kids.  Snap some photos of them running around in the backyard wearing their fancy frocks.  You’ll still get images of them in their fancy clothes, the shots will just be more exciting than the ones of the kids standing at attention smiling for the camera. Easter-Related Things Take a variety of photos of random Easter related items as the main subject or with your relatives and children with them.  Take some shots of the daffodils and tulips with some colorful eggs strategically placed throughout at the bases.  If you have created special elaborate or even simple themed centerpieces for Easter dinner, take some shots of that before everyone is seated for dinner, and during dinner using Bokeh method so the focus is on the centerpiece.  Have a child hold a handful of colorful jellybeans in their hands and focus only on the candy and the child’s hands for the shot.  Take inn your surroundings and you will be amazed at the interesting shots you will find. The Eggs Easter egg dying is a great activity the whole family can enjoy, and it results in beautiful decorations. By taking pictures of your colorful eggs, you can preserve memories, family traditions, and create custom calendars, and holiday themed photo books and cards with your children’s favorite memories. However, eggs can be tricky to photograph. Those soft pastel shells can reflect a lot of light and potentially bleach out the colors of the eggs in your photographs. To show off your fun colors and designs, take pictures of the eggs in diffused light. This can best be accomplished on a cloudy day, or indoors with light streaming through an open window or by using a Zeikos Professional Deluxe Soft Box Diffuser from .Before and After Shots Be sure to start photographing Easter a few days before Easter and at least one day after Easter because Easter is a holiday, and holidays last more than one day. Don’t overlook all that takes place in preparation for the Easter holiday. Some things to photograph: Family members coming home from the store with new outfits, the process of coloring Easter eggs, cooking & baking Easter dinner, family members putting on their Sunday Best, your pet’s involvement in Easter, family members interacting, and shots of family members just being themselves. Remember to capture the joy of the holiday and you will have wonderful Easter memories.
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