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Techniques for Capturing Stunning Sunset

Techniques for Capturing Stunning Sunset

Spring has officially arrived, and it’s time to head out to start enjoying the great outdoors once again. For photographers, it’s time to begin capturing the first signs of spring and those epic sunsets. It can be challenging to capture those magical sunsets no matter how much experience you have behind the camera lens. Here are some of the best techniques for capturing the perfect sunsets as we go into the warmer months of spring and summer.

The easiest way to make the colors of the sunset appear more defined is to underexpose your sunset shot. Create a more dramatic sunset image by using manual mode on your camera from You will also need to select a fast shutter speed to create rich sunsets. Shoot in aperture priority and use exposure compensation and you’ll be on your way to capturing stunning sunsets this spring.

More Than a Sunset
Don’t get caught up in placing the main focus of your sunset shot just on the sunset itself. Add depth to your sunset images by including some other foreground objects in the frame. Including part of a pond, the top of a flower covered hill, or a deserted pier could be just enough to take your sunset image from good to stunning!
Look Over Your Shoulder
Don’t spend all of your time shooting the sun dropping down under the horizon. The most spectacular sunset images could be occurring right behind you instead. If you’re too busy looking at the sun, you just might miss what’s going on right behind you. Don’t forget to turn around to capture the stunning sunset scene displayed behind your back.
Set your camera up on a tripod, speed up your shutter speed and find a subject in the foreground to create breathtaking sunset photographs. Objects like piers make great subjects for sunset silhouettes because of their details that allow the sun to shine through. It’s easier to recognize the subject when the light passes through creating a recognizable shape instead of a big blob of blackness.
The Clouds Are Your Friends
The perfect sunset photograph doesn’t require clear skies. Partly cloudy skies can make the most stunning sunset photographs.

Starburst Effect
Stop down your lens’s aperture to around f/22 right before the sun sets. Shooting at this aperture will create clear sun rays and a nice starburst effect.

It’s All About the Lens
Switch out your camera lens to give a different look to the sun in your sunset photography. To make the sun in your stunning sunset image look smaller, simply use a wide-angle lens.

Aerial Sunset Shots
When using your drone from to capture stunning sunset images, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. As the sun sets, the sky will be extremely bright and the ground below will be dark. You’ll need to decide if you want to shoot single shots, HDR or use bracketing when photographing the sunset with your drone camera. If it’s a windy day when flying your drone, you have a risk of ghosting when using bracketing to capture the sunset images.
Use these tips to help you overcome the many challenges you could face when trying to capture stunning sunsets.
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