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The Best Camera Backpacks in 2021

The Best Camera Backpacks in 2021

This is the time of year travel photographers are out in full force. Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, train, or kayak, you need to protect your photography gear. If you’re hiking the trails trying to capture nature at its best, you also want a way to protect your gear that won’t weigh you down. Maybe you’re shooting destination weddings that require you to take multiple pieces of gear. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to transport this gear all in one trip to the alter? The best way to safely carry your camera gear is to store it in a camera bag or a camera and lens backpack. Check out some of the best camera and lens backpacks and camera bags that will help you protect your investment while also making it easier to carry your gear. 

Traveling Light?
When you aren’t planning to lug around a ton of camera gear, you may want to opt for a small camera bag with less features. The Tamrac Tradewind Zoom Bag is a water resistant small camera bag that will protect your compact DSLR or mirrorless camera with the attached lens. This small camera bag has just enough room for you to carry an extra battery, your keys and a few small accessories. The design of this small camera bag is ideal for those days you’re traveling with less gear.


The Everything You Need Camera Backpack
Can’t decide which device to take on your trip? You need a camera backpack to carry the gear you may need for every photography situation. The Deco Gear Drone/Camera Sling Backpack for Cameras and Accessories and 15-Inch Laptops has multiple dividers that can be configured to fit the gear you need. This lightweight camera and lens backpack is designed to safely carry your DSLR camera with a standard zoom lens along with extra lenses, flash units and even your drone. Tuck away your smaller accessories into the mesh pockets on the camera and lens backpack. This is the perfect travel camera and lens backpack as well with its included rain cover and tripod holder. Want to do some editing on location? No problem. This camera and lens backpack also has a padded laptop compartment for a 15-inch laptop.

Camera Sling
There may be times when lugging a camera and lens backpack to a photoshoot may be overkill or just plain unnecessary. For those times, a camera sling bag may be the solution. The main compartment on the Xit Deluxe Digital Camera/Video Sling Style Shoulder Bag from has 5 dividers. This camera sling bag has enough room for a camera, a few lenses and enough accessories for your smaller photo outing. This camera sling bag has a padded sling strap so you can comfortably carry your gear slung over your shoulder.

Hiking Camera Backpack
Does your photography hobby or profession take you on rugged trails, or to long treks through the forest? You need to invest in a quality hiking camera backpack. The Vanguard Havana 41 DSLR Camera Backpack Case from will protect your gear on the toughest terrains. You can easily organize your DSLR with attached lens, extra lenses, flashes and other accessories. Store your 13” laptop in the hiking camera backpack’s dedicated laptop compartment. This hiking camera backpack even has room to store personal items you may need along the way. Store jackets, a change of clothes and some food for your journey in this hiking camera backpack. Don’t worry about your smartphone falling out of a side pocket while hiking the trails. This hiking camera backpack has two zippered pockets for your smartphone wallet, keys or other important essentials. Use one of the two water bottle side pockets on the hiking camera backpack to secure your tripod or monopod. Actually planning to leave your camera gear at home on your next a hiking or beach trip? This hiking camera backpack easily converts into a spacious everyday backpack as well.


These are some of the best camera backpacks to haul your camera gear into the mountains, or down the street.



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