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The Best Cameras for Beginners

The Best Cameras for Beginners

The desire to take quality photographs isn’t just reserved for professional photographers. Beginner photographers shouldn’t be limited to taking photographs with a smartphone and its limited settings. If you’re a beginner photographer that’s ready to upgrade your photography game from the camera app on your phone, you’ll want to check out the best cameras for beginners.
Compact Mirrorless Cameras When you’re a beginning photographer, you want a camera that’s easy to use. To avoid an intimidating camera that won’t make the process of learning harder, you may want to purchase a mirrorless camera. The Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera from is a compact mirrorless DSLR camera that’s easy to use. The quick access dials allow you to change settings easily. This mirrorless camera is small but mighty. The a6000 has 7 customizable buttons with up to 474 functions. The electronic viewfinder is perfect for beginners. You can view the camera settings before snapping the picture. Use the Wi-Fi connectivity to share your photos easily. If you want a great compact mirrorless APS-C sensor camera that will give you quality images at a great price, check out the Canon EOS M50. Learning how to maintain focus is a tough skill for beginner photographers to master. The EOS M50’s Dual Pixel Autofocus system with Eye Detection mode will make this an easier task. As a beginner photographer, the fully articulating touchscreen LCD is a convenient feature to have as well. The a6000 mirrorless camera and Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera are the best cameras for beginners if you’re not ready for a full-sized DSLR camera yet.
DSLR and SLR Mirrorless Cameras Even if you’re just beginning your photography journey, it’s a good idea to look at getting a camera with the most options and power that you won’t eventually outgrow. DSLR and SLR mirrorless cameras have a higher price point, but have more features. DSLRs and SLR style mirrorless cameras have larger sensors for better low light performance, the most powerful autofocus systems and a huge variety of lens options. The Nikon Z50 is the best entry level SLR style mirrorless camera for beginners. The Z50 is smaller and lighter than many similar cameras. This is due to the 21MP APS-C sensor. This SLR mirrorless camera is the best camera for beginners and professionals shooting sports and wildlife with a powerful autofocus and 11 fps burst shooting. Beginner photographers are able to up their video game by shooting 4K up to 30 fps with the excellent video autofocus system. If you’re ready to move on up to a beginner DSLR camera that will last as your photography skills improve, the Nikon D3500 is a reliable choice. This extremely customizable DSLR is the best camera for beginners. With a sensor 15 times larger than an average smartphone, you’ll certainly be impressed with the 24.3mp sensor on the D3500. The LCD screen will give you on-screen tips with its Guide Mode so you’re guaranteed to get the best shot. The D3500 will grow with you as you grow as a photographer. Get the D3500 kit with the 18-55mm and 70-300mm kit lenses and you’ll be set to take outstanding portraits, landscapes and wide angle shots.
If you’re ready to move up from your smartphone into a camera, any of these best cameras for beginners will be a great option.
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