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The Coolest Photography Accessory Ever

So, you are probably getting a little frantic now if you're still shopping for that photographer in your life and still haven't figured out what quite to get them. After all, buying gear for a photographer can be very hit-or-miss if you don't know a lot about the kind of photography they generally practice and the kind of equipment they generally use. And, chances are, if you do know those things, then you are not going to be consulting a gadget guide on the Internet (and you probably wouldn't have waited so late to get that special something). At any rate, assuming that you're still scrambling and are fresh out of ideas, the good folks over at Bored Panda have a list of really cool photography gadgets that you can get. My personal favorites are #5 and #6. #5 is just awesome. It's a super-secret spy lens that allows you to adjust the internal mirrors in any direction so that you can get a photo of what is behind you or off to the right side while the whole time it looks like you're facing ahead and getting a photo of what you're facing. I also imagine it will take some practice to get proficient with that lens. After all, we tend to "forget" which way we're facing and assume that what our eyes are seeing is what is actually in front of us. Still, it's cool as a novelty lens if nothing else and chances are that the photographer in your life probably doesn't have one of these laying around. #6 is great just for the shock value. Imagine that you are with your photographer friend at a big photography convention. He reaches into his gear back and pulls out what appears to be a very expensive lens. Other photographers begin walking over to admire it and he stands up and pours coffee into it. And then begins to drink it. It's a definite gag gift but one that is definitely practical. After all, everyone functions better after a good cup of Joe. If gag gifts aren't really your thing, then there are some more practical accessories such as the tiny mini camera and level cube. The mini camera is just cute and can be a great back-up camera in a pinch. The level cube can help make uneven pictures a thing of the past. There are several other great gadgets over there so go check it out. And, if after looking through them, you're still no closer, you can visit our Holiday Gift Guide for further assistance! -- da Bird
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