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The Do’s and Don’ts for Your Engagement Photo Session

The Do’s and Don’ts for Your Engagement Photo Session

Before you begin wedding planning for your big day, you have to celebrate the engagement of love that was made. Your engagement session is a very important part of your “getting married” process and most likely your wedding photographer will also be shooting your engagement photos. Here are a few engagement photo ideas and tips to help you prepare and make the most of this experience so your photos turn out as perfect as your relationship.

Engagement Photos


  1. Do wear clothes you are comfortable in.
    Make sure you wear something you love and makes you feel confident and at ease, because if you aren’t comfortable it will show in the pictures. Specifically coordinated engagement photo outfits can be fun, especially for destination elopements like beach engagements which provides a lot of natural light and perfect for a romantic golden hour engagement photo shoot.
  1. Do be true to yourself.
    Wear clothes that compliment your personal style and body type. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t in front of the camera.  These are engagement pictures you will keep forever and show your children and grandchildren. Let them see the real you.
  1. Do bring a few outfits.
    Try to choose at least 2 or 3 outfits to bring with you to the shoot.  This will add a nice variety to the photos.  A causal set such as jeans and coordinating shirts, and a more formal set that you might wear on a date night out on the town.  Have the clothes pressed and hung up ready to go when you arrive to the shoot. Remember that you need to be yourselves, so if you want to have fun, have fun. Feel free to create an 80’s glam theme photo if you want to, but make sure to do the classics which can withstand the test of time. Classic photos are eternal.

    Engagement Photos
  1. Do choose colors wisely.
    Choose colors that are complimentary to both your and your significant other’s complexion, eye color, and hair color. Use pops of color that reflect the season and the surroundings. Fall engagement photos should have more earthly and neutral tones, whereas summer engagement and spring engagement photos will be flattered with pastel, warm, and springy colors. For winter engagement photos you want bold deep colors like red and black.
  1. Do wear make-up ladies.

    Even if you normally go without make-up, wear some on this day to help create smooth, even skin which is important for close-ups.  Just be sure to show up to the shoot with it already on.  Professional photographers will be using high-resolution cameras like this Nikon D3500 from that will capture every detail, so it’s better to be prepared.

  2. Golden Hour.
    Engagement photography is supposed to be dreamy. Golden hour is the perfect time of day regardless of season to capture breathtaking engagement photos that speaks to the love and commitment that is being made. You can go somewhere special like a national park or just head to your favorite spots to shoot. Leverage golden hour and props to create artistic shots of the engagement ring.

  3. Do use props.
    Personal items make the best props such as gifts that have been exchanged between the two of you, love notes, instruments, and things that represent or resemble something about the two of you. Think of cute ways to highlight how you two got to this amazing point in life. For example, your first date was at this cute ice cream or coffee shop in New York City you can plan with your engagement photographer to replicate this scene, even if you’re not in New York City. With the right background and props, your engagement pics can tell a story. The story of your love for each other.

  4. Do save the date.
    This is the perfect opportunity to create your save the date cards or magnets.  There are many ways to include your wedding date in a photo and use that photo as the save the date to mail out before your invitations. Creating a wedding website has also grown in popularity in leu of cards and a great way to show off your best engagement photos and wedding photos to your family, friends, and guests.

  5. Do be active.
    Feel free to hang out and just have fun while the photographer shoots. Try to do as little “posing” as possible.  These are photos of a couple in love, so act in love, not like stiff manikins.

  6. Do be YOU.
    Be yourselves.  Act like you normally would if there wasn’t a camera anywhere to be found.  Be carefree and cuddly.  Laugh and make goofy faces at each other.  You know- be those two people that fell in love.

    Engagement Photos


  1. Don’t be “matchy matchy”.
    It’s good to coordinate your outfits so the colors go well together and compliment each other, but don’t wear the exact same thing.

  2. Don’t wear tight clothing. 
    Unless you are totally comfortable with this type of clothing, and it is “you’ and what you wear on a regular basis, avoid it on the day of your photo shoot.  Wear clothes that you can move in freely so you are comfortable and relaxed.

  3. Don’t wear logos.
    There is nothing more distracting in a photograph than a huge logo plastered across your shirt or the back of your pants. You want to draw the attention towards yourselves and the love shown between the two of you, not what is written on the front of your shirt. It is doubtful that your engagement is sponsored by one of these logo’s brands.

  4. Don’t get a new do.
    Don’t get a new haircut, color, highlight, or have a tanning session immediately before your photo session.  Try to schedule these at least a week before hand to avoid any unforeseen disasters.

  5. Don’t wear hats guys.
    Girls, if you wear a hat, OWN it and have fun with it!

  6. Don’t overthink it.
    Just relax and let your love show by your willingness to get close and admire each other throughout the photo session.  Pretending the photographer isn’t there, and getting lost in each other will make for the best, relaxed photos.

  7. Don’t be too trendy.
    Styles come and go, and you will be admiring these pictures forever.  Choose classic, timeless styles for both of you like a flirty dress for her and nice pants and a button up shirt for him.

  8. Don’t over-accessorize. 
    Jewelry should not be the center of attention. Use it to compliment your overall look instead.

  9. Don’t out-do your fiancé. 
    Don’t dress up and have your fiancé wear everyday street clothes. You want to compliment each other, not steal the spot light .

  10.  Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. 
    Choose clothes that you won’t mind wearing while sitting on the ground for some shots on the grass or sand because your photographer is going to get down on the ground with their gear from to get some awesome ground level shots.

    The most important things to keep in mind during your engagement photo session are to be you, be comfortable and have fun.  Remember those things and the tips above and you will have the best engagement session ever!

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