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Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Are you hoping to make the most of what’s left of this summer, and improve your photography skills? Grab your camera and start snapping! Here are some fun summertime photography ideas that you’ll want to add to your must-capture list this summer.

Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Capture the Golden Hour

During golden hour, the sun casts a beautiful warm glow on everything, resulting in images with a rich, golden hue. This is a great time of day to capture portraits and landscape images. During the summer when sunsets and sunrises tend to be longer and more dramatic, it’s an ideal time of year for capturing these images. Download an app like Magic Hour to see what time Golden Hour is in your area.

Hit the beach

Summer is an ideal time of year for taking amazing images of the beach. There’s usually a lot of activity to photograph. Just remember that you’ll want to check the tide times and the weather forecast before you hit the beach. This will help you to plan and capture the type of images that you’re hoping for. A sunny day and a low tide would mean lots of people on the beach. While high tide means less of the beach to photograph.

Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Have a picnic

A summertime picnic is the perfect time to get a few nice family portraits. If you take along a tripod you can also get a few shots of yourself with the whole family together having fun. For the best results, arrange the family on a blanket in dappled shade and use a flashgun to brighten things up and inject a little sparkle. If you have a wireless remote, or your camera from has Wi-Fi connectivity built-in so you can control it remotely via your phone, you can trip the shutter from within the scene.

Capture bubbles

These little orbs make ideal macro images. Bubbles can help to add something special to your images, especially if young children are involved!

Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Raindrops keep falling

After the rain, head out with your camera. The water droplets that can be found on leaves and flower petals after a storm make great features for your macro images. Sometimes you’ll even find reflections inside of these minuscule droplets!

Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Capture a summer storm 

Lightning and dramatic skies are common during the summer months, presenting some great opportunities for unique photos. If you enjoy capturing storms, consider investing in a light-sensitive trigger. It’s the easiest way to capture these shots since lightning is unpredictable.

Take wildlife shots

Depending on where you live, birds, insects, and even bigger animals like deer and bears can all be seen during the summer months. So grab that telephoto lens from and start snapping!

Things to Photograph Before Summer Ends

Despite the early sunrises, late sunsets and harsh daytime sunlight of summer it’s still one of the best times for photography. Being outside with your camera in the warmer months just feels so good. If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas during summer, these tips might help.

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