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Tips for Beautiful Maternity Photos

Tips for Beautiful Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation. Moms-to-be want to document this momentous time of their life by having maternity photos taken. Some women may feel wonderful and beautiful while they are expecting. But there are many moms that feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about how they look. If you are the one photographing an expectant mother, you need to take these emotions into consideration. It is important to make the expectant mother feel as comfortable as possible during the maternity photo shoot. If she is not, this could lead to unnatural looking maternity photos. You need to create a comfortable environment for these maternity photos so she will have an amazing experience. Here are some tips for a pregnancy photoshoot so the soon-to-be mom will have some amazing photos of this special time.

The Pose

Of course you want your maternity photos of mom and her belly to be flattering. Standing is usually the most flattering position. Have her pop a knee or hip to help with relaxation. It is only natural for the mom to place her hands on her belly. You don’t want every pose to look the same. Give her somewhere else to place her hands throughout the maternity photoshoot. Have her place her hands in her pockets, on her hips, or even have one hand touching her hair. You will want to keep the poses as natural as possible. When you have the mom looking down at her baby bump, be cautious that her head isn’t tilted at an unnatural angle that creates a double chin. Instead have her look away from her belly just a little as you shoot the maternity photos with your digital camera from Side shots are the obvious shots to get when taking maternity photos. But don’t forget to take some straight on maternity shots as well. An outdoor maternity photoshoot or beach maternity shoot is always a great option as well. You will want to avoid any distortion a super wide lens can cause. When shooting maternity photos, the last thing the mom-to-be wants is to look a lot bigger than she is. Play it safe by using a 35mm lens for your maternity photos. Just remember that when taking portrait photography, the focus goes to the eyes. With maternity photography, you want the pregnancy to be the focus. Avoid having the mom look directly at the camera. This will also help the mom-to-be feel more comfortable during the maternity shoot.

Tips for Beautiful Maternity Photos
Include the Partner

If the partner accompanies mommy to the maternity photo shoot, definitely include them in some of the photos. The best maternity photos of couples are the ones where they are as close together as possible. Vary the shots you take with your mirrorless camera from Take some full body, half body and close up maternity shots of them together. Include the belly in some, but not all of the photos. You took several maternity photos of the mom standing alone. For the couple’s maternity photos, try taking some with the couple sitting. Just be careful with your shooting angles.

Tips for Beautiful Maternity Photos

When choosing props for maternity photos, it is best to let the mom provide the props. The props used for maternity photos should be personalized and meaningful to the mom or couple. Some props you may see usually include baby shoes, a onesie, stuffed animals, an ultrasound picture, and books.

Tips for Beautiful Maternity Photos
These tips will help the mom-to-be feel beautiful and own that baby bump during the maternity photo shoot. They will also help capture precious memories of her journey to motherhood.



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