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Tips for Photographing Babies

Tips for Photographing Babies

Just when we all needed a silver lining among the dark clouds that seemed to loom over 2020, it seems the quarantine baby boom has begun! Being a new parent, comes tons of photos! Are you planning to capture those precious newborn days yourself instead of inviting a professional photographer into your home? Here are some tips for creating professional looking images of your baby.

Natural Light

If you time your baby photography so you’re shooting while there’s daylight, you’re sure to get beautiful baby photos using natural light. Just like an artist uses a north-facing window for the indirect sunlight, you can use this same method for the best baby photography. To minimize shadows or squinting eyes, photograph your baby in front of a west-facing window in the morning hours, or an east-facing window during the afternoon. If it’s warm enough where you live to shoot outdoors, place your baby on a fluffy blanket and shoot during the golden hours of the morning or evening. This softer light creates beautiful, soft images of your baby.

Tips for Photographing Babies

Don’t Miss the Details

Of course your baby’s face is adorable, cute little dimples included. But don’t forget to use your Tamron SP 150-600mm Zoom Lens for Canon Mounts from and capture the little details. The perfect toes, the wispy curls of hair, and that adorable little belly button are just some of the details you’ll want to shoot up close. Make sure you get photos of that sweet little button nose, the bottom of your baby’s feet and don’t forget to get a photo of that first tooth!

Tips for Photographing Babies

Keep Shooting

To make sure you don’t miss the perfect shot, keep your camera from in continuous shooting mode. Shoot through the tantrums, tears and naptime to capture every emotion of your baby in photographs.

Tips for Photographing Babies

The Eyes Have It

A photography tip when photographing subjects of any age is to focus on the eyes. Make sure you do this when photographing your baby as well. If your baby is old enough, try having them look up as you take shots from above to highlight their big eyes. You can’t go wrong when shooting your baby’s eyes directly at eye level. Use your Nikon macro lens to bring that focus on your baby’s eyes and lashes in even closer.

Tips for Photographing Babies

Different Perspectives

Exhaust every angel and perspective before you move your baby. Walk around and check out all unique angles you can shoot from without changing the baby’s positon. From close-up shots of your baby’s face to photos taken from behind at 3 feet away, you’ll be amazed at the variety of shots you can get using different lenses from a single pose.

Use a Tripod

A tripod will definitely come in handy when you’re photographing your baby. When your camera is resting on a tripod, your hands will be free to distract or entertain the baby with toys or rattles. Using a tripod will also give you the freedom to pose your baby in between shots. Grab your camera gear and take some beautiful baby photos suing these easy tips.

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