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Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow

Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow

Winter has taken an icy grip on a large portion of the country already. A foot of snow may keep most people indoors, but not photographers! The fluffy white snow offers a multitude of opportunities for photographers to capture some incredible images. Here are some tips for taking some great photos in the snow this winter.

Keep Your Camera Cold

It can be a little tricky capturing a picturesque winter wonderland in sub-zero temperatures. Your first instinct may be to keep your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame DSLR Camera from toasty warm under your coat. Pulling out a warm camera to shoot photographs in the snow could leave you with a foggy lens. Keeping your camera the same temperature as the air you are shooting in will keep you from missing the epic snowboarding move, or your child creating their first snow angel.

Add Color

As peaceful and tranquil as the new fallen snow looks in photos, adding a little something colorful can really make your image pop. Something as simple as the blue sky, a child wearing a bright scarf and mittens or a bare tree standing alone in the snow covered field will add variety to a plain white image.

Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow

Don’t Add Color

The complete opposite of adding color works well when photographing snowy scenes as well. Snow images turn out gorgeous when shot in black and white. Use the monochrome or black and white setting on your Sony a7R V Alpha Full Frame Mirrorless Camera from If you forgot to switch your setting before taking photographs in the snow, you can convert your images to black and white during the post editing process.

Move Around

Just like with any other type of photography subject, shooting on your subject’s level is always an interesting perspective. The smallest snowman can look 10-feet tall if shot from the ground looking up. Snowball fights will be more dramatic if you are brave enough to shoot at flight level! Choose a wide-angle zoom lens to capture your snow-covered landscapes as you shoot down from a higher position. Positioning yourself above your wintry landscapes will create professional looking photographs in the snow.

Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow

Catch a Falling Snowflake

If you want to capture snowflakes mid-air, you need to use a fast shutter speed. A good place to start is around 1/250th of a second on your Nikon Z50 Mirrorless Camera w/ 16-50mm VR lens Filmmaker Vlogger Bundle. If your shutter speed is too long, you will just end up with blurry white streaks in your images.

Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow

Grab your gear and start taking photographs in the snow before it all melts away!

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